Day 10: Someone I Don’t Talk to as Much as I’d Like to


I think we were in 4th grade when we first met, but I don’t think we became true friends until our 7th grade year when we cheered together. I remember people telling me that the friends you have in middle school probably won’t be your friends in high school. That statement proved true for most, but I’m so thankful that wasn’t the case with you. From cheering at Dillard to marching band at Goldsboro High, we’ve been friends through it all.  Thanks for always being a listening ear, especially 9th and 10th grade; those were some crazy years for me. Often times I tried to put on a charade like everything was cool, but you could always tell when it wasn’t.  From listening to stories about D, to listening to me vent about things going on a home, you were always right there. I remember you and your mom (Hey Mrs. Barbara) coming to my rescue many times. I would start doing cartwheels when I saw that red Eclipse pulling up. LOL


We lost touch briefly when I moved to Raleigh, but it wasn’t long before we were right back at it like no time had passed. Do you remember when you, Cherrelle and I went to Charlotte for the CIAA? It felt just like our high school days when we used to take all those crazy band trips. I think the funniest part of the trip was when I missed the Winston Salem exit to drop you off and ended up in Greensboro. You had been saying that you had a pee forever but you decided to wait until we got back to WSSU. I’m not sure why, but the dorms were closed…maybe it was spring break…Anyhoo you ended up peeing in a cup in your car. Which was probably a bad idea considering the cup had a hole in it. All Cherrelle and I heard was “Ahhh D@#n” followed by laughter.  We laughed like crazy, until Cherrelle and I pulled off to head back to Raleigh. I didn’t see you guys anymore after then until my 21st birthday.  My My My what a night. I was just watching the video the other day and all I could hear was you saying “Relax Danielle, Just Relax” I had an idea about the stripper, but I had NO idea it was going to be like that. Judging by the expression on your face…neither did you! LOL


I think one of the scariest moments of my life was when you made me hold Jordan for the first time. Everyone knows that baby’s under 20 pounds, scare the baJesus out me. You had just moved back to Goldsboro from TN, so that you could be closer to your family while your hubby was in Iraq. I came over to visit and meet my new niece. I can’t remember what happened, but all I know is mid conversation you jumped up saying “Here Danielle” while placing Jordan on my lap. She was only a month or two old. I literally froze. I was soooo scared I was going to break her. Thankfully she was sleep and not squirming around because I don’t know what I would have done if she started moving and crying.  LOL


We have memories for days. Middle school, High school, College, and the “Real World” As we went through each phase of life we outgrew a lot of friends from childhood. I’m so happy we didn’t outgrow each other, but instead grew together. I know we don’t talk as much or see each other as much as we used to, but that doesn’t change the fact that you’re my sister. I’m soooo proud of the woman you’ve become. We went from some rowdy chicks always willing to fight any and everybody (On second thought maybe that was just me LOL) to two grown women who are “ordering steps”. Aaron is so blessed to be able to call you his wife, and Jordan is even more blessed to call you her mommy. Your family is living proof that it can be done right (marriage then baby).  Your words: “Oh no ma’am I don’t believe in playing house” LOL When I get married, please believe you’re definitely the matron of honor! Whether we talk once a day, or once a year, I’m thankful I have a true friend in you. I love you!


PS- I’ve been saying this since you moved back to Tennessee, but I’m definitely coming before the end of 2011 *Chelle’s Promise*

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