To Zaus



I woke up thinking about you and for the first time I allowed myself to cry. I wasn’t crying because of the thought of losing you, I was crying because I thought of how your mom must feel. I thought about your son, your siblings and your adorable little niece. I thought about how I completely cut you out of my life over something stupid and how you didn’t hesitate to open your heart back up to me when I finally got over it. I thought about how even when I acted like a complete bish towards you, you just smiled and wouldn’t give me the satisfaction of losing your cool. You’ve laughed with me, cried with me, supported me, I could go on, but i’m sure to get the point. It’s crazy because I was just complaining about you flooding my Instagram time line with “models” but i’d give anything right about now to see you out of that bed doing what you love. You know i’m a cry baby so i’m going to end this because I know for a fact you’ll be out that bed and back to the Z we all know and love in no time.

Praying for you

SideNote: please don’t ask me what happened to him, just pray! It’s not my place to tell anything, the family has released several statements and for now, that’s all that needs to be known. Visit http://www.facebook.com/pages/justice4zaus for updates and family statements

To those that wish to support, you can make a donation by texting “Zaus” to 72727 wear “PEACH” for justice.

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