Until We Meet Again


Well Zae, I did it! We did it! We made it through your homegoing service. We cried, laughed, praised God and cried some more. It wasn’t easy, and we know the days ahead won’t be easy, but at least we know you’re at peace. Just like the preacher said, No more pain, no more breathing machines, no more doctors, no more hospital beds, NO MORE!!! As I looked around at your funeral and saw all the people you touched in your 30 short years here, I couldn’t help but feel honored. Honored that I had the privilege of calling you a friend. As much as it hurt us when you left, I hurt more for the people who didn’t have a chance to meet, love, experience the man we all knew and loved. At times this still doesn’t seem real. I mean I know I saw you there; I know I saw your casket draped with the American flag; I know I saw your boys/bros dressed in white fighting back tears as they carried your casket; I know I hugged your mom, sisters and brother; but it’s still… it’s going take a minute for it to really sink in. I know i’m probably all over the place, I just had to get some thoughts out before this life of mine attempts to get back to normal…or should I say “new normal”. Thanks for the laughs, listening ears, keeping secrets, singing songs, encouragement, prayers and memories. Oh and my new momma! I told MaZorah she was stuck with me for life. She welcomed me to the family, but I don’t know if she knows what she got herself into…you should have warned her LOL. Sleep in heavenly peace my dear, we will take care of things!!!

I Love This
(You know how I feel about cussing, but i’ll play this one just for you)


PS: I would like to thank everyone who reached out during the loss of my dear friend. Thank you to those that were genuinely concerned about me and not just being nosey. You ladies and gents don’t know how much I needed and appreciated it.

Visit http://www.facebook.com/pages/justice4zaus for updates and family statements

To those that wish to support, you can make a donation by texting “Zaus” to 72727

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