Glitter Text Generator at TextSpace.netwas born in Goldsboro, North Carolina. She has a gift and passion for both writing and dance. While light on her feet, she has often leaned heavily on her pen as a way to express herself. Spending the early part of her life (11 years) as an only child, led Rachelle to find solace in her pen and pad.

At age 10, Rachelle told her grandmother, Vivian, that she wanted to be an author. The very next day her grandmother gave her a spiraled notebook and encouraged her to go for her dreams. Little did Rachelle know that at 13, a poem she’d written in that very notebook would end up in her grandmothers obituary. At 14, she had her very first short story published in a county school book. At 18, while in freshman English she had to write a paper about the effects of 9/11 on military children. Her professor was so impressed with Rachelle’s paper that she asked if she could “borrow” a few lines from it; and ended up “borrowing” her entire paper. At 23, after much encouragement from family and friends, Rachelle launched her online blog. At 26, she wrote a blog called “30 Before 30” and writing a book was at the top of the list. Her first book ‘Gut Feeling’ was released on her 31st birthday. Now, she is finally living her dream. 

Rachelle is a graduate of North Carolina Central University where she obtained a Bachelors of Business Administration with a minor in Accounting and a concentration in Marketing. She has a passion for young girls and dedicated over 10 years as a dance teacher. The gift of dance has taken her all over the USA as well as abroad to South Africa. “Dance has taken me places that my degree couldn’t; I pray that my books can do the same,” Rachelle explains. She continues to pour into the lives of young women through community outreach, ministry work and now through her writing. “Sometimes we’re able to express more when we write it and accept more when we read it,” says Rachelle of the beauty of literature. While she will never hang up her dancing shoes, she proudly wears her author hat and hopes to inspire, empower and entertain with her books.

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