Day 1: My Best Friend

Reginald Kendell White (Yes I used the government) ….Boy boy boy, where do I even start…I guess the halls of Goldsboro High School is where our journey to adulthood really began, and thankfully that’s not where it ended. And to think I was afraid to talk to you at school because you had this tuff guy, moncho man image. *eye roll* I laugh every time I think about dudes actually being scared of you, Greg and Sonic…On 2nd thought, we all know psycho Greg was crazy, I think you and Sonic were just guilty by association.

Anyhoo, Do you remember the first time you ever got “mad” at me…It was my 10th grade, your 12th grade year; your “girlfriend” and I cheered together and for one of the pep rallies I had my shirt up during the routine and she decided to pull hers up. When you said something to her about it, she said “well Chelle had hers up too”, and you had the nerve to say something to me, like I told her to copy me. I mean really Reg, even if I did tell her, I don’t even know why you were trying to front, you and I both know there’s no way you could be mad at your twin.

Even after I moved to Raleigh, you were one of the few people that still kept in touch with me. I knew if I didn’t hear from anyone else, my big brother was going to make sure I was behaving. Speaking of behaving do you remember the first time we went out to a club or should I say, tried to go out to a club? The bouncer wouldn’t let you in and you were about to act a fool. Thank God Mar was with us, because there’s no way possible I could have stopped you from killing that dude. Once you calmed down that turned out to be one of the best nights ever. Me battling girls on the dance floor while you had random people yelling “Go Chelle!”, Marissa ditching us for some dude, Mar getting it in on the dance floor surrounded by girls, and you getting lap dances and girls asking me for your number. I still don’t know how we walked in and managed to turn that tacky bar into a full blown party.

I could literally write a whole novel of the adventures of Reg and Chelle. Twin 1 and Twin 2. The Crazy Virgos. Are they or aren’t they? Remember the Jay Z and Mary J Blige concert when Jay did a recap of all his songs?!?!? Well glasses up…time for a recap:

 Here’s to you texting me a million and one times when you knew I was in class because you thought I was mad at you. Here’s to you getting pulled by the police and me having to come to the rescue. Here’s to you never hesitating to threaten someone’s life on my behalf. Here’s to you never going back on your word. Here’s to you always punking Cashew. Here’s to all the talks we had in high school about S & D. Here’s to Spanish 2, Hola! Here’s to raping and dancing. Here’s to me amping out on chics on YouTube. Here’s to me calling the radio station a million times trying to vote for you. Here’s to me always having to explain that nothing ever happened between us. Say it with me people PLA-TON-IC! Here’s to you taking up for dudes, what happened to you being on my side *side eye*. Here’s to bottomless fries at Red Robin. Here’s to closet dances. Here’s to you missing my college graduation to hang out with Greg. Here’s to the crab cakes that I have yet to receive. Here’s to I won’t hit her, but I’ll definitely shake the hell out of her. Here’s to you watching your mouth when you talk to me. Here’s to your lovely wife Kim (Hey Girl). Here’s to you threatening police officers after Masonic died. Here’s to Masonic telling random girls “aight love you baby”.  Here’s to the Freaky Jason Lady. Here’s to Dolce and Gabbana cologne and Dereon jeans. Here’s to the random emails threatening each other. Here’s to me saying “Reg what does it mean when a guy says” and you giving it to me no holds barred. Here’s to you drinking grey goose straight out the bottle then complaining because you had to pee every 5 minutes. Here’s to you taking me to that Mexican spot and trying to get me to dance. Here’s to my new niece or nephew that’s on the way (Lord please let Kim have a boy, Reg will kill someone over his daughter). Here’s to me leaving threatening messages saying  two words “24”. Here’s to the puppy that you and Kim are getting me for Christmas. *hint hint* Here’s to the kids that we were and the adults we’ve become. Here’s to one of my bestest friends in the world. Here’s to the male version of me. Here’s to my brother from another. Here’s to my twin! Reg


Love you dude

 Aye Reg, give em the Denzel’s

3 thoughts on “Day 1: My Best Friend

  1. Chelle, You had me smiling throughout the whole blog!!! There are no words that I can say to describe how much our friendship means to me and how proud I am of the woman that you have become…I watched you come up from a silly, crazy lil girl to a silly crazy woman (no disrespect of course)..You reminded me of how many memories we have together and how long we have been in eachother life(how have u put up with me this long…whoooaaa)I love u and continue being the leader, strong minded, intelligent, beautiful,spoiled,determined(i can go on forever)woman that you are…You are definitely one of a kind…Much love freaky jason lady lol

  2. WOW! That’s what I call a friend. Someone you have ups and downs with. The special thing about ya’ll is that you all had each other to hear the other side of things that your boys or girls couldn’t give. Reg, thanks for being a good friend to my girl 🙂

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