Day 6: A Stranger

Dear Trooper Rogers

You low down, no good, sorry excuses of a cop…oh wait, I’m not going to act like that. Let’s try this again….Hello Sir, it’s Rachelle Townsend. I’m pretty sure you don’t remember me, but you went out of your way to give me speeding ticket. Now, granted I was speeding, but you know good and well you should have given the ticket to the truck that wouldn’t let me over or better yet the mustang that did what I did and then KEPT speeding. Let me recap the events on that sunny November day…

I was minding my business, listening to music while driving to Charlotte to spend time with one of my besties. The lane was ending so I put on my signal to merge right. There was an 18-wheeler in the lane next to me and two cars behind me. The truck wasn’t slowing down so I had 2 options. A- Speed up to get in front of him B- slam on breaks and cause a pile up on the highway. At that time, I had a Volkswagen Jetta so I knew I could get in front of him without too much of a fight. So I pressed the accelerator and proceeded to get in front of the truck. No sooner than I turned off my blinkers, you were behind me with those stupid blue lights on.

I immediately pulled over, thinking to myself “I know he’s not about to give me a ticket.” I know you saw what happened. I know you also saw that bright red mustang that also did what I did, and got in front of me in the process. Anyhoo I turned the music down and petted my dog, who was accompanying me on the trip, until you decided to get out the car. I politely tried to explain to you the situation and you had the audacity to say “I would have gone with choice 2,” before rudely asking for my license and registration. Then before I could even get my license out my wallet you had the nerve to reach through the passenger window like I wasn’t moving quickly enough for you. I’m sure my dog trying to bite you on top of the “I voted” sticker I’d stuck on the back of my license pissed you off huh? It’s ok, you can admit it…you were pissed Obama won weren’t you? 

Don’t get me wrong, as wrong as I think it was for me to get a ticket, it wasn’t the ticket that pissed me off. In fact, I’d gotten a speeding ticket prior to this incident and I was quick to admit I was wrong. I was speeding just to speed. No reason, no excuses. The officer didn’t hesitate to write me a ticket but he was one of the most polite people I’d ever met. I couldn’t even be upset with him because he was doing his job…but you on the other hand, were just being a jerk for no apparent reason. What’s even worse is when I went to court I met another lady that you’d given a ticket to. She said that her mother was having a heart attack and she was trying to get her to the hospital. She said that the ambulance came while you were writing the ticket and you still gave her the ticket. I thought she was kidding, but she pulled out signed affidavits from the ambulance workers as well as their supervisors…I mean really? Do you have a heart? What if her mother would have died while you were writing that pointless ticket? Granted, I understand that you have a job to do, and speed limits are in place for a reason, but at the same time, you shouldn’t treat everyone like a criminal. Hope you met your quota.


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