Day 8: Internet Friend



I still remember the first day I said something to you on Facebook. I was joking with one of my friends about *ahem* and I Googled his name to find a photo. As I was scrolling down, I came across a photo of you with the little one. Initially I was crushed, I was like “who is this chick and why does she have a baby with my future husband” I think I cried myself to sleep that night…NOT!!! Nah but seriously, I remember seeing all these articles trashing you and your innocent baby for no apparent reason. This was long before the show or the infamous pool shindig, so I had no idea what they were basing their statements off. (And I still don’t) I couldn’t help but think “wow, these people are going in on her for being with someone that they’ll never be with” so I decided to say something to you, you replied, and the rest is history.

For the past year or so, I’ve watched you deal with everything that was thrown your way. I consider myself to be a very strong person, but I’m not sure I could have dealt with half the things you have and I’m certain I don’t even know ¼ of the story. I remember reading some of your earlier blogs and literally being in tears. I couldn’t help but want to feel sorry for you. However, you wouldn’t let me. For every negative thing someone said you gave a positive reaction. I remember you talking about a situation and me telling you that you were a good one because I would have done X, Y and Z. You laughed and said something that showed me your true character. You said, “I don’t ever want my son to not be proud of me.” There you were going through hell, you had every reason to act a plum fool, yet, you didn’t because you were more concerned with your sons well being and his future than you were with the stones that were being thrown at you. I even remember the day you finally had a public moment. I could tell you were just venting and were very hurt. Not for yourself but again for your munchkin moomoo. I was happy people were finally hearing a portion of your side, yet at the same time scared because you said you’d been threatened and I knew it was you against the “machine”

Again, I don’t know all the details… But what I do know is that you’re an amazing mother, sister, daughter, friend, and soon to be wife (dom dom da dom). You unselfishly give yourself to those you love and I strongly believe that all the hell you went through was definitely not in vain. God has some major things in store for you and the enemy tried his best to stop you. I’m excited for all that’s to come. Fantashique is about to take off; the non profit program is going to touch millions and your books are going to be on the New York Times Best Sellers list. Not the mention that handsome gentleman that now holds your heart. #WhoGoneCheckYouBoo LOL Continue to be the fun, free spirited person you are and God will take care of the rest.

Remember every superman has his kryptonite.



 PS I’m still waiting on my invite…oh yeah tell your brudder I said “Hi Ryan” 🙂 LOL

One thought on “Day 8: Internet Friend

  1. OMG ok thanks for making me cry. I had a slow moment earlier and only read the 1st paragraph on my phone. I was like aww tht was sweet. I just looked again on my computer to leave a comment then I saw the rest. That really meant alot. It really made my day. I cant lie and say I dont crumble sometimes because I do but I try to stay strong for Braylon. Rarely do I cry in front of him and sometimes when I cant help it, he comes and hugs me and says “Whats wrong MomMom? Dont cry. Baby love you.”. I am his mother, his protective, his advice giver, his support. If Im not strong, who will be for him. Thanks again chica!

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