Day 23: The Last Person I Kissed

Those of you that know me know this is probably one of the hardest ones to write. Only because I’m crazy private when it comes to these types of things. So this letter will be a little on the short side. I’ve let you guys in on some pretty deep situations, but this one I’m keeping ALL TO MYSELF


MDK (No these are not his initials)

It feels soooo weird to be writing this letter to you. Don’t get me wrong I have NO complaints, but I just never thought it would actually happen. I mean after all it did take like 7 years…but it was definitely worth the wait! I honestly don’t know what took so long, but the way your story goes, it was my fault. *side eye*

I remember the first time we ran back into each other. Our church was having a youth conference and we played your church in basketball. Ya’ll KILLED us, and everyone kept asking “who is that” while pointing at you. You were one of the ones scoring a vast majority of the points. I was like “oh that’s *ahem*!” I was so embarrassed when we ran into each other there because I had just gotten out of the dunking booth and I knew that I was looking a HOT MESS. We exchanged numbers and you said you would hit me up. Not long after that, you visited me at school. I felt like a schoolgirl when you told me you were coming by. I was nervous so I called one of my girls and told her to come over as well. You were my high school crush and I wasn’t exactly sure how to act around you, so I needed her to help calm me down. (I can’t believe I just admitted that)

Fast forward to your birthday this year. No more hiding behind my friends, social networks or BBM. It was just me and you. I thought it was so cute how you sat there waiting on your mom to call and wish you a happy birthday. Then pouted when she didn’t call you at the time you thought she should have. That is definitely something I would have done. I remember we were sitting on the couch and I gave you the remote while complaining that there was nothing on. You replied, “there’s always something on TV” then turned to the Disney Channel. I thought you were joking at first, but ummm you were dead serious. So we sat there watching Hannah Montana. SMH Anyhoo, that was months ago, and I still get nervous when I know I’m going to see you. I guess I need to get over that…and quick.

OMG this is so embarrassing. I’m stopping now LOL


19 thoughts on “Day 23: The Last Person I Kissed

  1. No name or picture…AGAIN?

    Nah girl I don’t blame you, keep private things private. I do however think it’s cute how you (of all people) are acting all shy.

    1. Hahaha, nope, no name or picture.

      Yes I’ll dance in front of anyone, but when the music stops and I no longer have dance to hide behind i’m really shy 🙂 LOL

  2. Man, I thought the point of this was for you to give names and let us know everything about you!!!!!! LOL…just kidding…I’ve been enjoying your posts. Only 6 more days left! 😦 —> my sad face

    1. EVERYTHING??? No ma’am, I didn’t sign up for that one. But I’ll be glad when these 6 days are OVER! I’m drained!

  3. Chelle Belle you just crushed my heart. This was supposed to be my day. What in the hell is going on. No wonder you haven’t been returning calls. See your ass be playing with emotions.

    1. LOL are you serious? A, you should have known it wasn’t you by the title seeing as though we’ve never even hugged. B, negro please, I don’t return your calls because you don’t call me until you’re drunk C, no comment on the emotion part.

      SMH you’re officially CRAZY. LBVS (laughing but very serious)

  4. Damn, ok be that way. You girls are a trip. Nigga make one mistake, sleep with one of your friends and you give him the cold shoulder. That’s was years ago. Get over it!

    1. LOL did you read what you just wrote??? Obviously NOT! But since you want to have this conversation here (in public) I will. I’m sorry, but I’m not that girl. I’m flattered that you’re attacted to me or whatever you want to call it, but even if you wouldn’t have slept with my friend we wouldn’t have dated. The fact that you guys slept together more than 5 times was just the nail in the coffin. Sorry if your “feelings” are involved (which I don’t see how)

      Are you drunk? You have to be?

  5. Yh I’m a little inebriated but that’s beside the point. Why are you treating me like some random ass dude. I thought we were friends.

    1. hahahahaha how did I know! SMH, you’re still my homie but No further comment, go to sleep LBVS I can’t. When you sober up, come back and read the foolishness you wrote LOL

  6. LLS @ “Teddy” OMG boy you a fool, you still trying after all these years?????

    Chelle do you remember when he thought you had a guy in your room so he stood in the hall way singing Somebodys Sleeping in My bed? He wasn’t even drunk that night, so he probably wasn’t drunk writting this. What did you do to him?

    Oh and do believe I’m calling tonight for details!!!

    1. Ooooo emmmm geeee yes I remember that! That was the funniest night ever. We got off the elevator like “who is in the hall singing” turned the corner and its that fool. Singing his heart out, then looks at us “oh so nobody’s sleeping in your bed” we laughed right in his face LOL

      Ummm nothing to tell! NOSEY! Love you chica

  7. Melissa if she tells you and you don’t tell me I’m telling you know who about you know what. you were my friend first.

    Chelle Belle I’ll sing to you every night if you let me. No alcohol needed

    1. Ok I’m not approving any more of your comments if you keep cutting up. Behave, and leave it alone. But I wish I had a hidden camera to capture you that night in the hallway LOL

  8. Yo Yo Chelle what you been up to. Been reading ya blogs and I kno who ya talking bout. One of my niggas told me you had a heart so I had to read them for myself. Man who is this dude you talking about and why does he have you watching the Disney Channel? That’s some “get in them draws” type of shit right there. Did you let him hit? I know you’re not still a virgin. Tell the truth you let him hit right? You don’t even have to answer that. I know he did because it was after midnight when he was over there. Don’t lie (thought it was so cute how you sat there waiting on your mom to call and wish you a happy birthday. Then pouted when she didn’t call you at the time you thought she should have) in other words he thought she should have called at midnight and she didn’t. And What do you mean by this (I still get nervous when I know I’m going to see you. I guess I need to get over that…and quick) That sound like a baby daddy, stuck with the nigga statement. I know you don’t see him daily. Do you? I know ya’ll aint THAT serious.

    1. Initially I wasn’t going to reply or even approve your comment, but I’m sure you have an audience so lets put on a show…shall we

      Wow, I’m impressed…I didn’t know you could use a computer, let alone read! Let’s have a toast for the douche bags!!! I’m not even sure why I or my blogs matter to you or your friends. Let’s have a toast for the a$$holes!!! Don’t you have more important things to worry about? In other words who or if I’m sleeping with anyone shouldn’t matter. Seriously…we went on 1 date and that’s only because you tricked me. I thought you were a nerdy guy…turns out I missed the mark. The meal was great, the conversation was cool, but that was years ago. We’ve seen each other a million times since then and you still call yourself being mad because I wouldn’t give it up. I’m not apologizing for having standards. One meal, and a few nights on the phone does not warrant sex. I’m not sure where this all of a sudden boost of cyber courage came from or if you let someone gas your head, but you’re wasting your time…and mine too!


      Oh yeah, the time you spent reading into every little word I wrote you could have been finishing up your 7yr degree at waketech…stop fronting like you went to Carolina

      (No offense to anyone going to waketech, or any other community college)

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