30 Before 30

Good Bye 25, hello 26!!!! As of a little after 12am today, I’m officially 26 years old. *does happy dance* I’m truly thankful to see yet another year. Year 25 didn’t play fair, but I’m happy to say I beat her and I’ve advanced to the next level. I always get super emotional before my birthday and this year was no different. During one of my emotional moments I decided to write down 30 things I want to accomplish before I reach age 30. My 30 before 30 list (in no particular order) don’t laugh or judge me LOL

 Here Goes:

1.Write a Book

2.Read the Bible from Cover to Cover

3.Go to New York Fashion Week

4. Visit Italy

5. Sky Dive

6. Swim with Dolphins

7.Buy a House

8. Get Married

9. Obtain a Masters Degree

10. Visit the Vatican

11.Visit Niagara Falls

12. Overcome my Fear of Birds

13. Go Skinny Dipping in the Ocean

14.  Attend a Dallas Cowboys Football Game

15. Attend a Philadelphia Eagles Football Game

16. Jump off a Cliff into water

17. Go Horseback Riding

18. Fall in Love

19. Meet President Barack Obama

20. Meet Janet Jackson

21. Meet Oprah Winfrey

22. Attend a Janet Jackson Concert

23. Dance in Front of Thousands

24. Go Skiing

25. See a Play on Broadway

26. Do a Photo Shoot with an Exotic Animal

27. Give Someone a Large Sum of Money and not tell them who it is

28.  Go snorkeling

29. Cook an Entire Thanksgiving Dinner

30.  Take a Flying Traapeze Class

Guess I better get to work, don’t be surprised if I force some of you to come along for the ride…I know some are a bit ambitious, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. And I’m off!!

6 thoughts on “30 Before 30

  1. 1. I have a degree in communications specializing in journalism so I can help write the Forward

    2. Reading the bible, ok but we should get help from my grandma she been a Christian for like 70 years so she can explain if we don’t understand!

    3. Fashion Week? I’m down

    4. Visit Italy…well that’s where I be so just say the word!

    8. Get married? I can’t marry u but I can give u advice…pray and don’t and stop praying (advice given)

    9. Get that degree…yes I have been on track to graduate two times but things keep happening… So like Obama says YES WE CAN!

    14. That’s Aaron team so I’m sure a field trip to watch something I know nothing about will be ok!

    19. I might not need to meet Obama, his wife might get a little jealous seeing me there!!

    21.Oprah alright alright I will go as long as she brings Maya Angelou!

    25. See a play, cool I’m down but since I keep having kids I need to find a babysitter first.

    29.Cook a entire thanksgiving. Well I’ve done it three times so I think I can help, the first time I didn’t clean the turkey out good enough so there were a few surprises left behind,don’t worry no one was hurt we all survived!

    The rest of the numbers that I didn’t respond to I basically refuse to do those or they are not in my area of interest , but since this is clearly about u, I’m willing to help where I can!

    P.S. Please excuse all grammatical errors I typed this fast!!

    1. OMG I see why we’ve been friends for so long, you are hilarious and I laughed all the way through this. Love you

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