The 27th Year


I’ve been having mixed feelings about this birthday for a couple of months now. Of course, I’m thankful to see another year, but year 26 wasn’t the easiest. I feel like I went to bed the night before turning 26 on top of the world, and woke up at 26 with what felt like the world on top of me.  I had set back after set back, cried tear after tear, lost something’s I thought I’d have forever, and currently deciding if I need to walk away from something’s I thought I’d be a part of forever. Through it all, year 26 taught me quite a bit.

26 Things Year 26 Taught Me:
  1. My Friends are the absolute BEST!!!!!
  2. People will tolerate you as long as you’re doing what they feel like you should be doing.
  3. Sometimes the push you need is provided by the person you’ve pushed away.
  4. You can have all the evidence in the world and people will still find a way to make you look guilty.
  5. I may be a borderline nudist.
  6. It’s impossible to change someone’s opinion of you once they have their mind made up, so don’t bother trying.
  7. I don’t have to be the hero, it’s okay to look out for ME first.
  8. People spend so much time defending what doesn’t need to be defended that they forget to listen to the actual problem being presented.
  9. Privacy is the best policy.
  10. I don’t have to settle.
  11. I’m a fat person trapped inside the body of a skinny person. (My eating habits are horrid)
  12. My facial expressions tell on me.
  13. Once the gas light comes on, my car can ONLY go about 38 miles.
  14. Sasha is not a human.
  15. Fake friends can become real foes.
  16. Always leave a paper trail, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll admit they were wrong, but at least you’ll always have proof you were right.
  17. The “crabs in a barrel” mentality still exists.
  18. I am the absolute worst baker in the state of North Carolina.
  19. My mom still thinks I’m 12.
  20. Teenagers think I’m old. (Was at a friend’s house and her teenager daughter’s friend “ma’amed” me) LOL
  21. Total Wine is the place to go to get hit on by old men.
  22. There’s crack in the chocolate chip cookies at McDonalds, and I’m addicted.
  23. People who play dumb annoy the hayell out of me! Especially those that play dumb yet have degrees.
  24. Dance has opened doors that my degree wasn’t able too, but my degree helped keep the doors open.
  25. Sometimes I go overboard, without even trying too
  26. It’s okay to walk away!
Although not easy, I’m thankful for each of the lessons year 26 taught me. 27 ready or not, let’s get these next 4 semesters of life started.

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