Day 5: Mike Yelverton

This may come as a surprise but I have to thank you! You are the reason I stopped cussing. -_- I was too young to be cussing anyway, but you know how teenagers are. I’m not sure if you remember this, but it was my 10th grade, your 12th grade year. We were in the band room and I along with a few other girls were rapping “Love is Blind” by Eve. We were going in! You walked up and said “Man, ya’ll are so ghetto.” I rolled my eyes, head and neck while asking why? You explained that it was ghetto and un-lady like for us to be using such harsh language. I knew I shouldn’t have been cussing, but hearing it from a classmate really put it in perspective for me. I can honestly count on my hands, how many times I’ve cussed since that day. I’m almost 30 and even when I’m repeating what someone said I will literally use the letter or substitute the word all together. So thank you!

However, it didn’t stop there. My junior year in high school, your freshman year in college, I was at a new school, barely knew anyone and my then boyfriend was acting like a plum fool. I told you about it and you told me I was worth more and deserved more. Again, all things I’d heard before, but hearing it from a classmate really put it in perspective for me. So I broke up with him, not thinking that it was a month or so before prom. Mikey to the rescue!!!! You left school, drove over an hour, took me to prom and then drove back. Not only did you make my entire year, and helped me get back at my ex, but you taught me the value of friendship and keeping my word. Thank You!

I am so happy for you, your beautiful wife and your precious daughters. It has been wonderful watching you grow from Mikey the drum major, to Michael the Man of God. Continue to be the man, husband, father and friend that you are and I know your career is going to continue to soar.

See you at the Grammys

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