Happy Mother’s Day

Mommy Edit

So by now, you should know that when I’m not posting, I’m working. I’ve been working on a super special project that I’m excited to finally be able to announce. I have another book coming out!!! Yes, you’re reading that right…My second book is being released July 30, 2018! I’m still in shock as I type this message, as I never knew if or when I would be ready to share this story. Though many of you requested a sequel to Gut Feeling, I didn’t feel that in my heart. What I did feel was a story that I know so many can relate too. Still My Mommy! Still My Mommy deals with everything from single motherhood to mother-daughter issues. From self-esteem issues and hopelessness to substance abuse issues and suicide. It is my hope that in addition to being entertaining, it sparks at least some conversation; prayerfully even some healing.

Fun Fact: Still My Mommy is actually the first book I ever started writing; however, something was always missing. I would get to the very end and then just stop. It wasn’t until last year that I realized just what it was missing…My Mommy!!! How could I write a book called, Still My Mommy and my mommy not play a role? What was once just a story told through the eyes of a child, has since become a story that includes a much needed mother’s voice. My mommy wrote an entire chapter and I couldn’t be more honored to have her play such a pivotal role in this project.

So, on July 30th (my mom’s birthday), I will be releasing Still My Mommy. Stay Tuned for more information. Presales will begin June 11th and the book release party will be in July. I will send out emails with dates and links.

Thanks in Advance for your support!


Rachelle Danielle


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