Closed For Business

I was told this blog took away from the integrity of my other blogs. So I took it down. However, I feel as though this is a part of  life too. So after much thought I’ve decided to re-post. If you don’t like it…don’t read it. But truth of the matter…it’s real. And I learned a valuable lesson from the whole ordeal, so with that being said…


What do you do when someone is supposed to do something and when you ask them when they are going to do it, their answer is always tomorrow. No matter what time of day it is when you’re talking to them about a situation they have the same response “I got you tomorrow” Seriously….Tomorrow has come and gone 30 plus times and they’re still hollering tomorrow. What’s wrong with today?

 I consider myself to be a very giving person, and those people that are close to me know this. Most people don’t take advantage of my giving personality, but there are a few, four to be exact, that think I’m a bank. I guess it’s my fault because the first time I “looked out” for them I told them I didn’t want/need the money back….but they took that first time and ran with it. There have been times when I’ve gotten out of my bed so that I could get some money to people only to be lied to about when I’m going to get it back. I’m usually a very private person; I don’t like to say what I do for people etcetera… I mean I know how it feels to have someone do something for you then have them throw it in your face. But I’ve reach the point of being beyond sick and tired. Especially when I keep giving opportunities to pay back the money and I either get lied to or straight ignored. And what’s even worse, they swear up and down, they don’t have it, but I go to their Facebook pages and their taking trips, or I go to their twitter pages and see that their buying gifts for people, but for some reason they don’t feel like it’s necessary to pay me back what’s owed to me, particularly after I’ve already GIVEN them at least $200. I don’t like to ask people for anything, but when I have had to borrow, I did everything in my power to get them back their money on the day, if not before, the date I promised. Even if I couldn’t pay them back in full, I gave them something, just so they could know I wasn’t trying to get over on them. Where are the values now days? What happened to doing what you said, when you said you were going to do it?

 These people were once my friends which is why I lent them the money, but I honestly don’t consider them friends anymore because they’ve lied and let me down so many times. I mean it’s not like I’m balling and just have hundreds of dollars to throw away. Then they get mad or go off when I say something about it. I think I should be the one mad, especially when I didn’t even authorize one loan. They had my card number for one thing and one thing in particular and I look up and I have an iTune charge…Yes iTune…seriously, since when is iTunes a matter of life an death. And another came to me crying talking about she and her daughter were going to be put out yada yada yada I lend her the rent money and she taking trips to Vegas. I’m sure all of the individuals are going to be pissed about this blog, but honestly I could care less. Shoot, I’m pissed too. I told ya’ll I was tired of biting my tongue and walking around on egg shells to save face. I could be flat out rude and post names and amounts, but that wouldn’t solve anything. Hope they enjoyed the money, but Karma is the worst.They know who they are…so just so you know…The Bank of Rachelle is closed.


PS- Now I see why people say, don’t lend money unless you can afford not to get it back. Its reason why everyone else in their circle said NO, now I see why.

2 thoughts on “Closed For Business

  1. Yes, I totally agree, Say what you mean, and do what you say! People take your kindness for weakness! Being mom; I got ur back, but next time tell them $$$$ no, go to Social Service! Love ya, stand your ground girl.

  2. LOL look at you up here commenting and carrying on…I’m glad you didn’t post names and what not, because I know you lol

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