Annoyed by Failure

     It’s not even lunch time and I’m already annoyed. Now I see why we’re asked not to discuss politics in the work place. Everyone that knows me knows I’m one of the biggest President Obama supporters; and I have been since the 2004 Democratic National Convention. Many of you also know that I’m a die-hard Oprah supporter as well. The fact that a person can come from nothing into what she has, without losing their sense of self or their integrity is amazing! Anyhoo …So one of my co-workers made a comment about how she’s sometimes “annoyed that Oprah tries to be an expert on every subject…” Before she could even explain or finish her statements another one of my co workers chimes in and starts talking about how she was “Annoyed” when Oprah backed then Senator Obama’s presidential campaign. She went on to say something about how she’s probably the reason he won, or something along those lines. It’s not a matter of what she said; it was how she said it. By the tone in her voice you could just tell she was one of those people who didn’t “Vote for Change”.  I know that not everyone in America voted for Mr. Obama. I also know that there are still some that want to see him fail even if that means America fails…you’ve had almost a year to get adjusted to the news that Mr. Barack Obama would be YOUR President; as he stated during his acceptance speech whether you voted for him or not he’s “Your president too.” Just as now former President Bush was MY president. No, I didn’t vote for him. No, I wasn’t a “supporter”, but our country was in his hands. He was who the people of America elected (The 2nd time, I’m still not to sure about that first election), and when he failed, America failed. Not just the Republican Party or the people who voted for him, but AMERICA as whole. So as much as I didn’t agree with some of his decisions and actions as president, I respected his position as President of the United States.


To be quite honest, I’m offended when I hear people say they want our president to fail. You see, my dad, who has always supported me, couldn’t be at my high school graduation because he was fighting in a pointless war because Mr. Obama’s predecessor FAILED. There are a number of people homeless, jobless, starving and sick because of Americas past failures. So we have seen what a failed presidency can cause. Yet people have the audacity to say they’re “annoyed” because someone who has some influence on people of all races actually stood up and supported CHANGE. You can’t be serious. Oprah didn’t speak out against Senator McCain; she spoke up in support of President Obama. She wouldn’t even allow Mr. Obama on her show to promote his campaign. She showed her support “off the clock.” Her show still went on like normal. She still had the normal caliber of guest that she would have had. She didn’t even mention a word about the campaign until after election night. Don’t quote me on this, but I don’t even think she gave subliminal messages of support. I would have snuck in a button or something 🙂 Can you imagine having a voice and a platform as powerful as that of Ms. Winfrey and not using it to shout your support for who you feel is the right candidate to the world? I can almost assure you, had someone else in her shoes, been a McCain supporter they would have had whole shows dedicated to the candidate they supported. So before you get all “Annoyed” by Oprah’s support of YOUR now President, think about the extent that she could have taken it. Now imagine your favorite celebrity….if they had as big a following as Oprah, what would they have done? Are you still “Annoyed”?

PS- 4 Years later my dad made it to my college graduation!

My graduation cap!

5 thoughts on “Annoyed by Failure

  1. That was a good one. Some people are not really in to “respect”. They are more so into “this is my opinion”….I share it as I may. And they may not even feel that they have to respect someone they do not support. It is so amazing that we all live in the same nation, but have very different ideas of what respect is. Regardless of what others do, we have a mandate to be right. God expects more from his children…I know its hard for me….. sometimes I just want to tell people…..you are dumb…that thought process was dumb…but instead I close it and move on. Opinions are just that….opinions…..def easier said than done….lol

  2. What a great piece of writing you have done! I think it says it very well….I always RESPECT that someone is my president whether or not I voted for that person or agree/disagree with their policies. and YES YOU KNOW I VOTED FOR CHANGE!!!!

  3. This is simply a sign of not being UNITED( states of america)! We must continue to be the voice of TRUTH, REASON, LOVE for all. It will take more than Oprah for UNITY to prevail in this life!(although I commend her for the effort) We must celebrate and embrace one another to obtain the CHANGE we earnestly seek! Most of the “naysayers” are oppressed by evil and perversion; which causes them to remain in such a state of unawareness to what is causing them to “lash out”!
    We desire the need to love,show grace and ability to CHANGE! This is the seed we should be sowing in the earth to everyone, so that we may all partake of the GOODS that are here(jobs,homes,resources,food,education,healthcare,etc.)

    CKF “The desire to know is desire to grow”

  4. Well said! I too love President Obama and Oprah! I would have to agree, alot of people are lashing out simply because we do have a bi-racial president and now everything or every prominent African American strikes a nerve with them. Sad to say though, the problems of our society, our nation, our world goes much further than just what we see on the surface. It goes beyond the 44th President of these United States. I ran across this document and if anyone is interested, it’s worth watching. Please keep in mind, I too love President Obama, but there are a lot of underlying forces at work here that so many of us are oblivious to! Do your homework people, and don’t just believe everything that the media feeds you.

  5. Well said and If I had overheard the same conversation, like you, I would have been very annoyed. I am a long time fan of Oprah and I volunteered during President Obama’s campaign. What drew me to President Obama was his message of change and the power of people to work together. I still support his visin and I am disgusted with people who actually hope that he fails. If he fails, the entire country fails. How stupid is it to wish for your own destruction just so that you can gloat over someone else’s failure?

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