Day 12: The “Person” I Hate

I was always taught that Hate is a strong word and you should never say you hate someone…but sometimes that’s the only word that properly describes your feelings towards someone or a situation. With that being said…




I HATE YOU! I mean I really really HATE YOU! It’s like the hate that comes from deep DEEP within. You’ve taken far too many people away from me, far too soon. In 1999, you swept through my family like a wild fire. I mean every time I looked up I was finding out about a family member dying because of YOU. What gives you the right to just consume someone’s body? I understand that sometimes people bring things upon themselves. But in my grandmother’s case, she did absolutely NOTHING for you to invade her space like that. So again, I ask, what gives you the right? My cousin Paula, so young and beautiful, she never did anything to you. Yet, you had the audacity to take her away from her husband and kids. The nerve of you!!!

In my line of work, I come across babies that you’ve attacked. It just breaks my heart to read through their medical records and see how you’ve devoured their little bodies. Babies that will never reach their full potential because you had other plans for them. Babies that will never be able to walk because you decided they didn’t deserve too. How fair is that? Who made you their ruler? Who gave you permission to take away their future? What about their parents? What about their dreams? Why rob them? Why should little children and elderly people be forced to fight you when you’ve taken down the toughest of men? Why attack the people that are trying to be productive citizens? I know it’s not kind to wish death upon anyone but if you must attack someone, why not attack these men raping and killing these little kids. Or these women selling their children into prostitution…Why not just attack these serial killers that are heartless and just kill for the thrill of it. Why not make yourself useful and get rid of these people abusing the elderly? I mean, you like killing right?  

UGH I hate you so freaking much. Don’t let the tears fool you…You may have won a couple of wars but the ultimate battle is the Lords. I refuse to allow you to take anyone else from me. I refuse to allow you to hinder any more dreams or destroy any more families. I’m sure you’re probably wondering “how are you going to do that”. Well…To be 100% honest, I haven’t exactly figured that out yet. However, what I do know is that Isaiah 53:5 states “But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed.” Which means He already took the stripes for our healing. You won’t attack another person I love and get away with it. We’re fighters and we will continue to fight you. I know one day soon we’ll find a cure.


Also, I would just like to commend anyone that has ever battled cancer and won. You are living proof that it can be done. Your strength is amazing! To those of you that have loss someone due to this tragic disease my condolence goes out to you as well as your family. I wrote this letter in their honor. To those of you that are currently dealing with a sick family member, stay strong, and keep the faith. And to those of you that are currently battling this horrific disease…YOU WILL WIN!!! I know more people that have fought it and won, than I do that didn’t.

Remember, early detection is key. Please make sure you have all necessary screenings. Also please visit http://www.cancer.org/index to get additional information.

One thought on “Day 12: The “Person” I Hate

  1. Gosh, I really enjoy reading your blogs.
    This is amazing and I thought about a lot of people that I know who have battled and conquered and some who didn’t conquer and some who are still battling with this awful disease.
    You really told this ‘monster’ what you think about it and I totally agree!
    God bless you girl!

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