Day 18: The Person I Wish I Could Be

To the person I wish I could be,

I wish I was a strong black woman that knew what she wanted and wasn’t afraid to go after it. I wish I were the one that broke the norm. You know that one that wasn’t a stereotypical “bitter black woman”. I wish I was the one that was known for more than just her shape or the fact that she has a butt, but the one that was known for being intelligent.  I wish I was the one that young girls looked up to saying, “if she did it then I can do it too!” I wish I were one of the ones that helped prove that not all African American women are content with just being someone’s baby momma. I wish I was the one that graduated from college when people said she couldn’t, or wouldn’t. I wish I were the one that wasn’t afraid to stand up for what she believed in, even if it meant standing alone. I wish I were the type of woman that wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. The type that knew how to get her point across in an intellectual manner, without yelling or acting ignorant. I wish I was known as the good girl, that doesn’t go to clubs. The church girl. I wish I was the one people could confide in. I wish I were a great friend. I wish I were the one that was quick to give and slow to take. I wish I was the person that everyone looked at and said “how in the hell did she make it?”

Yeah…that’s it, I wish I was her…whomever she is…that’s who I wish I could be!

Oh wait…she is me! I’ve spent 25 years being ME! Rachelle Danielle Townsend, and no one else. Sure, I’ve often wondered how Janet Jackson must feel to perform on stages in front of millions. Or how Michelle Obama must feel to be married to the President. And how Oprah must feel to be a billionaire. Or how Ashley must feel to get to dance on stage with Beyonce. I’ve often wondered how it must have been for Eva being with that sexy, fine specimen of a man, Lance Gross. *Lord forgive me for lusting* Or how Angela Burt-Murray must have felt being the editor of Essence. Sure, I wouldn’t mind being these people for a day, maybe even a week…but truth of the matter, they’re human just like I am. They make mistakes, have bad days, and cry just as I do. Therefore, the person I wish I could be is the person I am…ME!

Yes, I will break out in a dance anywhere…but that’s me

Yes, I’ll jump up on anything and put on a show…but that’s me

Yes, I’m silly….but that’s me

Yes, I can be a complete bish at times…but guess what…that’s me

If given the chance to be anyone, anyone in the entire universe, I would happily turn down the opportunity. I wouldn’t trade being me for the world…

Flaws and All

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