Day 19: Someone That Pesters My Mind


I can’t for the life of me figure you out. I mean I know I can be VERY nonchalant, but I’ve asked a few people that knew about the situation for advice and they even said they can’t figure you out. Which is the reason I selected you for this day…Because you definitely pester my mind…and not in a good way.

I’m not sure if you have something to prove or what, but dude you have to chill out. You can’t bounce from woman to woman and expect any of them to give you a fair chance. The operative word being WOMAN. Especially when it’s a small setting…you never know who knows whom. I was 100% honest with you from the start. I have problems dating a guy with 1 child and you have a few. Not to mention the ex wife and the fact you used to “talk to” or whatever you want to call it, a couple people I know. I told you this from the start. I also told you that you seemed like a nice guy and we could be friends. I guess you’re used to women giving in after a while and just dating you just to have something to do, but that’s not my style. I’m not into dating a bunch of random guys just for a free meal.  I feel like that’s using people. I don’t see myself with you, but it’s a free meal so I’ll go to dinner. Nah, no thanks, I’ll pass.

Repeatedly you told me you were okay with us just being friends, yet daily you would ask why I wouldn’t be “your lady”. I know people say that persistence pays off, but sometimes it’s just plain annoying. And that’s what you’d become. I told you every way possible that I just wanted to be friends. I used to be the type that would just lie to a guy and say I was in a relationship, but I was actually honest with you. I told you all the issues I had with your situation up front, you said you understood, so I agreed we could be friends, yet daily you asked me why I wouldn’t be with you. That’s crazy!! Then the day you finally got it, you had a tantrum and deleted me from Facebook, Twitter, and BBM. You even rolled your eyes and neck at me the next time you saw me. Bwahahahahaha Wow, you showed me huh?? But what’s even funnier, is a couple weeks after that, you tried again. WTH??? (Don’t try to deny it, I keep EVERYTHING, I still have the texts and FB messages)

I feel myself getting sarcastic so I’m going to stop. But, I honestly don’t know how else to approach you or the situation. I can’t even take you seriously. I hope you find the one you’re looking for. But when you do, don’t dive in head first and expect her to do the same, after a week. I mean sure let her know you’re interested but don’t ummm how I do I say this…don’t umm, don’t’ pester her. Don’t get all emotional the first time she turns you down. And if she says “no” don’t ask her again 5 minutes later, in all honesty, depending on the situation, you shouldn’t even ask her 5 days later. You shouldn’t beg anyone to be with you. I don’t care who she is or how long you’ve waited. That starts to seem kind of desperate.



So, I decided not to post any pictures or use his real name. Well to be honest, I don’t have any pictures of him, but I didn’t use his real name because, well I didn’t want to put him all the way on BLAST. Besides…I always wanted to write a dear John letter LOL

2 thoughts on “Day 19: Someone That Pesters My Mind

  1. WOW, I wish they knew, Maybe I should tell them, and wipe that stupid grin off their face! ummmmmmmmmmmmm Young and dumb!!! he he he 🙂

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