Day 21: Someone I Judged by Their First Impression

I’m not sure if “judged” is the right word, but I guess I get what they mean…


This may come as a surprise to you, but I thought you were the most stand-offish person ever when we met. I mean you would speak to me, but you had this “don’t get too close” vibe about you. I remember telling someone that I was scared to talk to you. I was like, I don’t think she likes me. Then I was visiting and I heard you talking in that baby voice and I busted out laughing and you gave me the saddest looking face. It was at that very moment that I realized it was all a charade. You weren’t as mean as I thought you were.

From that day forward, I wasn’t afraid to talk to you or just be myself around you. I remember you coming to get me when I was out of school for 5am prayer. Whew child, I don’t know how I made it a week. But I remember thinking, if she can do this daily, I can do it a week. I probably slept most of the time I was supposed to be praying, but I was there…thanks to you! I also remember when we used to dance together. I was sooo mad when you quit. You said you would come back after the wedding…umm that was over 5 years ago, I guess you’re still on your honey moon. LOL. Speaking of your wedding, I still remember when you asked me to be a part of it. Although in most people’s eyes I was just a hostess, I felt like of all the people you knew and could have asked, I was one of the few you selected and I felt special. (Cheesy I know).  It was around that time that I started really looking up to you.

I don’t know if I ever told you this, but Thank You. When everything went down between myself and *ahem* you were the ONLY person that was cool with us both that didn’t change towards me. Whether they admit it or not, everyone else changed, even if it was just for a little while, they changed. I almost left PHD, because I didn’t know who I could trust or talk to anymore. I felt like no one wanted to hear my side of the story and because of who the other individual was I was automatically the wrong one. I’m sure you had an opinion about the situation as well, but you never allowed it to change how you treated me and that meant the WORLD to me.

Over the past 9 years you’ve grown into a big sister to me. You are one of the few people I’m open with about my relationships. I know you will give it to me straight and I so appreciate that. Speaking of giving it to me straight…I still remember the time you got on me about tutoring Nikki “I just don’t understand why she has a sister in college and your mom has to pay for tutoring.” I was pissed with you for that statement. I was like “How am I supposed to tutor her during the week if I’m away at school.” But once I calmed down I knew what you meant and I got the point you were trying to make. *rolls eyes* LOL I guess big sisters know best after all! Thanks for keeping my secrets. I’ve never heard anything that I’ve ever told you. I mean I’m sure you tell your hubby aka “My Other Dad” LOL (what’s up Ron) but that doesn’t really count. You are living proof of where hard work and dedication will get you. I’m so happy to be able to call you a friend. I can’t wait to meet the new babies. I may even hold one of them before they reach the 20-pound mark. On second thought, I think I’ll just stick with Ryan, since he’s walking LOL.

I’m sooooo happy I was wrong about you

Love You Tons


SN: To those of you in Raleigh and the surrounding areas, Tobline and her hubby have a photography business. They do great work and no, I’m not just saying that because of who she is…matter fact, see check them out for yourself


4 thoughts on “Day 21: Someone I Judged by Their First Impression

  1. So now I see how easy it is for people to steal pictures off your sites, huh? LOL…just kidding!!!

    Wow, never knew you actually felt this way, although I’m not surprised at your first impression of me. That’s just always been my MO. Glad you saw through the facade early and that we’ve become what we are today.

    Well actually you remind me a lot of myself in certain aspects, you tend to put up a “TOUGHGIRL”, unapproachable front at first too. But I know beneath the layers is a genuine, sweet person!

    I really do feel like a big sister saying what I’m about to say but, I’m really proud of the young lady you’ve become from the time I first met you after you graduated from high school up until now.

    Oh & I must say your memory is ridiculous, I really don’t remember picking you up for 6am prayer for a week……if you weren’t being so open and truthful on this challenge I would say you’re lying! 🙂

    Love You, Mean It!

    1. Yeah I know….I’m the meanest nicest person ever LOL. I always say “I play tough as nails with my heart on my sleeve” LOL

      It was during my spring break freshman year….Pastor had gone to Rome and I promised her I would go to prayer that full week. So you said you would pick me up. And you’re right it was 6am prayer….not 5 (TYPO)

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