Day 26: The Last Person I Made A Pinky Promise With

Little Miss Tayla

Tayla: “Ms Danielle, are you coming to watch our dance”

Me: “Yes, I’m coming over there as soon as I give the older girls a break”

Tayla: *head to the side, hand on hip* “Are you sure”

While the rest of the class says simultaneously “yeah are you sure”

Me: “Yes I promise” *while locking pinky’s”

That was the conversation we had when Ms. Tiffany had just finished teaching you the first dance of the season and you all wanted me to come watch. Your whole class came out to where I was and just kind of stood there watching. I knew you all were either telling on somebody or had something to get off your little chests, so I asked if everything was ok. I guess that was your cue LOL

I am so proud of the young lady you’re becoming. I remember when you first started dancing with me; you were only 3 years old. I wasn’t sure how you were going to do when your mom dropped you off, but you jumped right in like you had been dancing for years. Over the last few years I’ve watched you grow from a toddler learning how to point to your feet, to one of the stars on the team, doing solo’s and everything. You are definitely a pleasure to teach. You have to be one of the sweetest little girls I’ve ever met. That smile (even with those missing little teeth) makes my day every time I see you.

Keep up the great work, and remember to point your feet, straighten those arms, and SMILE!

My Babies 2008

Love You

Ms Danielle

PS- Your mommy told me that you’re now taking gymnastics as well. Maybe you can help me with my back handspring…I’m getting a little old, I can’t do the things I used too 🙂

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