Day 27: The Friendliest Person I Knew For Only One Day

Dear Ladies at the voting place

It was November 2, 2010, I had just casted my ballot and was on my way back to work. As I was opening the door, I noticed the 3 of you walking up. One had a walker, one had a cane and the other was trying to assist the other two. I stood there and held the door as you made your way in. After the last one of you was in, the one with the walker grabbed my hand and said “Thank You”. I smiled and said, “You’re welcome”. Thinking that you were just thanking me for holding the door. Then the one with the cane said something to me that literally brought tears to my eyes. You said “Thank you for voting, I’m proud of you for showing up for your generation” Tears immediately filled my eyes. I couldn’t understand why you felt the need to thank me…Thank me for doing something I was supposed to do. The three of you went on and on about how it made your hearts smile to know that there were still some people in my generation that understood the sacrifices our ancestors made so that we could have that right. I stood there listening to you telling me how proud you were of me. I was confused, I mean why thank me or be proud of me for doing something I wouldn’t have been able to do had the 3 of you along with so many others not sacrificed so much? Shouldn’t I have been thanking you??? You talked about the struggle it took for us to get to this place and how it hurt you when people seemed to take the right for granted. I promised each of you that as long as I was alive I would make sure my vote was counted. We hugged and went our separate ways. 

I have not been able to stop thinking about you…any of you. I had never seen you prior to that day, and I haven’t seen you since, but the kindness and wisdom you shared with me will last with me a lifetime. Thank you for not allowing some of the ignorance in my generation cause to you look down on all of us. Thank for you not being afraid to share your stories with me. It’s amazing how 10 minutes can change your entire life.

I can’t wait to meet you at the polls again!


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