Day 29: The Person I Want To Tell Everything To, But Too Afraid

I thought long and hard about this one and I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone that needs to know things about me, knows them.  Or at least I think they do! I may have been hesitant about telling them, but that didn’t stop me from doing so. There is no one that knows EVERYTHING about me, but the people that matter know EVERYTHING they have ever asked!

Dear Nobody

As of today, you are the only one I could find to write this letter too. Not sure what tomorrow holds or if there will come a time when I will be afraid to share something with somebody. But for today you….Nobody, is all I could think of. Maybe it’s because I’m open, too open at times. Maybe it’s because I don’t filter the truth, and if somebody is bold enough to ask me a question, then I’m bold enough to answer. So unless I stop being who I am, you…Nobody will always be the person that I want tell everything to, but too afraid to.

Rachelle Danielle

I’ve been seeing this question and answer game on Facebook. Therefore, I guess I’ll play it in my own little way…So if anybody wants to know something, ask away! I have to approve all comments before they are posted so as long as you use your real email address, you can use a fake name if you want to remain anonymous (to everyone else, I have to know who you are). If the question isn’t too personal, I’ll reply back in the comments section, if it’s a personal question, I’ll reply via email!

6 thoughts on “Day 29: The Person I Want To Tell Everything To, But Too Afraid

    1. Yes, once! I’m not as hard as people think I am. I’m the biggest cry baby in the world. It may take me while to fall, but when I do, it’s hard!

    1. Well technically you’re single until you’re married LOL. Yes, I’m actually very happy, life is great! Umm no to the date, sorry but I don’t even know you LOL

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