Day 28: Someone That Changed My Life

Wow this is a tough one. There have been sooooo many people that have had an impact on the woman I am today; my parents, my family, some of my teachers, my mentors, my pastor, my friends, I mean the list goes on. But this letter just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t dedicate it to my aunt and uncle! They are truly my hero’s!

Dear Felecia and Tony

Let me first start off by saying THANK YOU! You two took me in, loved me, and cared for me like I was your very own. When grandma started getting sick and I didn’t want to move because I didn’t want to change schools, it was you that opened your home to me. You could have easily said “no, we already have 3 girls” but instead you told me I was more than welcome to come. I didn’t understand how big of a sacrifice it was then, but I definitely do NOW! Having 5 women in the house must have truly been an experience for you, Uncle Tony! LOL

Thanks for always treating me like your own. What you did for your biological 3 you did for me as well. From money for school to household chores. If they got it or had to do it, so did I. Aunt Felecia, I’m not sure if you remember this, but one day you had taken us all to that yogurt spot (TCBY or something like that) and one of the ladies asked “are all those girls yours”, you said “yes, 4 girls, couldn’t get a boy to save my life” I mean you didn’t hesitate or anything.  That moment changed my whole life. Prior to that day I remember feeling bitter and upset that other kids had their parents around and due to varies reason, I couldn’t see mine daily. I felt like it wasn’t fair and my life was a mistake. But on that day, in that yogurt shop, I realized that I was more than just your niece, I was actually your daughter.

This page isn’t nearly long enough for all the thanks you deserve. So I’ll just say Thank You for loving and caring for me during some of the toughest years of my life. Thank you for believing in me when I couldn’t believe in myself. Thank you for loving me past the pain. Thank you for putting up with my attitude. Thank you for making sure I had a hot meal every day. Thank you for making sure I got to and from all million and one of my extracurricular activities. Thank you for not killing me and Kaprice for fighting almost every day. Thank you for never hesitating to say “don’t start smelling yourself” to me and Shannan LOL Thank you for everything! My life could have taken a whole different route had it not been for your love and guidance. I love you both

Your Honorary Daughter,


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