This has been a CRAZY and I do mean CRAZY 7 months. I honestly don’t understand how I allowed myself to be put into this crazy situation. I’m slowly realizing that not everyone that says they’re your friend has your best interest at heart. Sometimes they are really only in it for them. Who would have known that a simple BBM asking what someone was doing for their birthday would lead to this much drama. I know now is not the time for the “shoulda, woulda, coulda’s” but I’m really beating myself up right now. I should have just said NO. Some doors are better left unopened.

I hadn’t seen this individual in YEARS, but thanks to a little social networking site called Twitter, our paths crossed again. Which ultimately lead to me allowing this individual to stay in my home. I didn’t see the harm in it, their sub lease was up, I had a spare bedroom, no harm no foul. Boy was I wrong. That seemingly harmless decision has brought headache, after headache after headache. I mean really, I’ve experience more drama these past 7 plus months, than I have the first 25 years of my life. And believe me, I dealt with some crap growing up. What bothers me the most about the situation is they are so busy saying its not them or their significant other that they have yet to say “sorry for bringing this drama to you” or “thank you for all you’ve done”. Instead I’m hearing crap like “its no one from my camp” “that person knows nothing about me” “that person doesn’t exist in my world”. Yada yada yada, blah, blah blah!

I’m not one for revenge, I’m a firm believer of what goes around comes around. But Lord knows, I hope I get a front row seat when they get theirs. I refuse to believe that someone could use someone they call a friend, bring drama to their home and not care enough to apologize. Even if they didn’t know exactly who it was. But hey I’ve been told I have unrealistic expectations, maybe this is just another one of them.

1/2 Water Bill for 7 months: $56
1/2 Electricity Bill for 7 months: $280
1/2 Rent for 7 months: $2450
Moving out without so much as a thank you after causing drama and not paying a dime: PRICELESS

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