Hustle and Faith

I try to start off each year with a book that will motivate and inspire me to be better. This year I decided to pick a book called “Stepping into Greatness” by Dr. Mark Chironna. My pastor gave it to me a few years ago, but I never got around to reading it. I saw it on my bookshelf the last week of 2014 and decided it would be my pick. I’d already made up my mind that 2015 was going to be the year that I stepped into greatness so why not read a book whose title reflected that. When I finished it, I guess I felt inspired, but something was missing. Dr. Chironna gave a lot of great insight and some of the analogies he used were very eye opening…but I still didn’t feel that push I’d hoped I’d feel. I still didn’t have that quote to bring to life that I was looking for. I knew in 2015 I’d step into greatness but I guess I just wanted something more that I could relate to.

I was on Twitter killing sometime when I saw Marcus D. Wiley promoting his new book “Hustle and Faith.” The title was enough to peak my interest, so when I went to order the book my bookclub had chosen for the month I decided to go ahead and order “Hustle and Faith”. Just as I completed the purchase of the book my wifi started to go in and out and I couldn’t order the bookclub selection. I took it as a sign that I was supposed to immediately read “Hustle and Faith” instead of putting it off like I had intended to do. I looked at the cover, “God honors your faith and rewards your hustle” That was the quote I was looking for…that was push I hoped I’d feel…that was the realness I was looking for. I could have literally stopped right there, but if the cover inspired me, I couldn’t wait to see what the actual book was going to do.

45 minutes later I literally felt like there was nothing I couldn’t accomplish. No, it wasn’t a “self help” book, but it did more for me and inspired me in ways that not even a self help book could. I felt like I was the only thing holding ME back and God was waiting on ME. I have to do my part before God can do His. Although He is a miracle worker, I can’t expect to achieve my dreams by ONLY praying or ONLY believing. I have to pray…then work. Believe…then work! I may not have to work as long, but I will have to work. I may get to skip a few steps but I have to take the first step. I always knew faith without works is dead but it never fully set in until reading “Hustle and Faith”. So this year my goal is to make sure my Hustle matches my Faith! If it is to be, it’s up to me!



Purchase your copy of “Hustle and Faith” today! www.MarcusDWiley.com

2 thoughts on “Hustle and Faith

  1. Hi Rachelle. You dont know me but a mutual friend sent me the link to your blog. I initially came to read the post about your friend with cancer and enjoyed it so much that I decided to read a few more. Believe it or not my Mom just met Marcus Wiley at an event at her church. She got two copies of the book and gave me one. Im not big on reading so I hadnt planned on reading it well that was until i read this post last night. Your right he has a way of inspiring you without throwing the bible in your face. Thanks for the post im ready for the year now

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