Day 1: The Fab 4

First Up…The Fab 5, correction, make that 4. *cough, cough* Renee, Elaina and Tami. We met fall 2003 during dance group auditions. I’m not sure if we all immediately clicked, but I know by the time our first dance concert came around our bond had been solidified. Almost all of my most memorable college moments involved at least one of you. From our epic Black College Dance Exchange trips to walking into parties and literally shutting them down. Check please! I have memories and laughs for days, so let’s do a brief recap shall we…Don’t worry, I will keep it 100% PG, my parents may be reading *innocent face*

Truth or Dare: I don’t know who started it, but since Tami is the jokester I’m pretty sure she was the culprit. I do know it was hilarious. The former #5 had a crush on some guy. We got his phone number and started blowing his phone up, saying the most random and highly inappropriate things. Turns out, he actually stayed in my building. All I’m going to say is panties, lotion, door handle, knock and run. LOL We laughed the entire night before all piling up in my twin size bed and going to sleep. I’m still not sure how we pulled that one off SMH.

My 21st Birthday: I had an idea you ladies were up to something, but I didn’t quite know just what. We were all at Tami’s house and Renee kept making me drinks. Evidently, I wasn’t drinking quickly enough because everyone kept yelling at me to drink. Renee walked passed me and threw a bunch of 1’s in my lap, the lights went off and I froze. I wasn’t ready *Kevin Hart Voice*

Going to my first party with Elaina and Renee. It was my senior year. Elaina had come back in town for something and Renee convinced me to go to this party. I hardly ever went out, so I can only imagine how the conversation went with Renee and Elaina. Elaina met us there; we hit the floor and did what dancers do. We danced the entire night and literally had a line of guys waiting to dance with us. Now that I think about it, I know it wasn’t the same party, but Renee my dancing got you a “B”, you still owe me for that one LOL.

The Party Girl (Renee); The Sorority Girl (Elaina); The Free Spirited Girl (Tami) and The Church Girl (Me) somehow formed an unbreakable bond. Renee, I’m so proud of the mother and business woman you’ve become. You do it all so well, while making it look so easy. Elaina, your work ethic is untouchable. You are literally one of the hardest working women I know. Your hustle is real. You have inspired me to stop being scared and to go for what I want, even if I have step out alone. Go EJ, cuz that’s my EJ! Tami, you have been through some of the most unimaginable things, yet your faith hasn’t wavered. You are still the happy go lucky, free spirited person you were in college. I admire that you haven’t allowed life to harden your heart. We were dubbed the Fab 4 only to be renamed the Dream Girls, after Elaina transferred to another school. I am truly thankful that I had you ladies to help me navigate the verdant greens and sloping hills of dear old NCCU. I’m even more thankful that I can still call on you ladies today.

And 5,6,7,8

Busted out the dance at work LOL

Love you chicas

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