Day 2: My Angels

Majestic Angels
I had the honor and privilege of teaching you girls for 10 years. I was 16 when I started, had just moved to a new town and was adjusting to my new life. I was blessed with the opportunity to do something I absolutely loved and jumped at the chance. I feel like I grew up with you girls. Teaching you taught me responsibility, work ethic, sacrifice and discipline. I’m sure you’ve heard me say this before, but you girls were honestly my distraction from destruction. There were times when I wanted to wild all the way out or just say “forget it all” but I knew I had too many little eyes on me. I knew I had to set a positive example for you and I can only pray that despite my shortcomings, I did just that.


I remember the first time you girls really listened and danced your hearts out. I was literally moved to tears. You all saw that and from that dance on you always made it a point to try to make me cry. Sometimes you succeeded, other times you missed the mark, but you never ever stopped giving your all. I hope you view life the same way. There will be sometimes that you reach your goal on the very first try. Other times, you will miss and have to start all over again. But as long as you keep setting goals and keep aiming high, there is nothing you can’t be, nowhere you can go and nothing you can’t achieve.

I know you are all teenagers and young women with busy lives now, so I won’t take up too much more of your time. Nevertheless, it has been so wonderful watching you grow from little girls with pony tails barely knowing how to point or where to stand, to young women with amazing technique and stage presence. Tiffany, Nikki, Randisha, Kyra, Sharonika, Mylika,J’Annah, Janyiah, Tayla, Kaylah, Zhaunae, Michyia, Yakira, Amber, Zykia, Christy, Ny’Ladijah, Bianca, Imani, Ciara, Love, Rashea, Diamond, Trenesha, Sky, Jaden, Shermell and Marissa, (Lord I hope I didn’t forget anyone) I’m thankful for the time that we were able to spend together. Whether you danced with me for 1 year or the entire 10, you helped me live out part of my dream and I am forever grateful.

Love Always,


Special Thanks to the parents for trusting me with your little masterpieces and thanks even more for always having my back even when you were on it.

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