Day 3: Tatiana Anderson-Bowman


TaTa! We were moving into our dorms at the same time and we both had the same problem…Too much stuff, not enough space. All I heard was “This room looks like a cell block” in the thickest DC accent, before looking up and seeing you at my door. Your family had to get back on the road, so you were there by yourself and my family was across the hall being crazy loud still helping me unpack. By the time the day was over we were both in each others room, helping the other get situated. I met my first friend at NCCU my first day at NCCU! 

It’s crazy because I walked pass a night light in target the other day and could not stop myself from laughing. I just kept thinking about my roommate always leaving her light on when she left the room and me struggling to fall asleep because of the light. I think I either complained to you or you saw her sign that said not to cut it off and you walked right over and cut off the lamp and then looked at me like “yeah I did it”. I knew from that moment we would be friends for life. From roommate drama to guy drama you were there through it all and I know my freshman year wouldn’t have been the same with out my Ta.

Even after we moved out of Eagleson Hall our friendship remained. We would run into each other on the yard and talk like we’d just saw each other. I remember screaming my face off at your probate and this girl asking me if I was from DC because I was going so hard for you LOL. I also remember the look you gave me the first time you saw me at a party. You’ve had my back since day one and I can’t say “Thank You” enough. Thank you for being my very first sister/friend at NCCU. It’s been amazing growing and transforming together. From young women venturing away from home for the first time, to full blown adults managing careers and families. I am sooooo proud of you. The way you love your husband and your precious bonus son simply warms my heart. I miss my TaTa, hope to see you soon.

Love You

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