Day 7: Sonya Murphy


My hair stylist, my sister, my makeup artist, my therapist, my graphic designer, my support system! There aren’t enough words or enough ways to adequately express the amount of thanks I have for you. The love you have for not only your family, but for those of us blessed to be in your life is unparalleled.

You are truly the definition of superwoman! You’ve somehow managed to balance a husband, 5 children and 3 businesses (that I know of), and yet you still find the time to be there for everyone else. Prime example; last year when my life was literally flipped upside down, everyone reached out for a week or two, some even a month but you’re still reaching out. Over a year later…and you still send “praying for you” or “just checking on you” text. You’re being pulled in a million and one different directions, yet you still find the time. Time that is sometimes taken advantage of and often times underappreciated but it hasn’t stopped or changed you. You are still the sweet but don’t let the smooth taste fool you, type of person. You selflessly give of yourself and I just have to say thank you.

Thank you for trusting me with your babies. I don’t care what was going on in your life, you stayed true to the commitment you made to the team. When most parents would have said “I have too much going on to think about a dance team” you made sure your girls were there and on time. Even when you left the church, you allowed your girls to stay and I can’t begin to tell you how much that meant. I know you’d give your life for your babies and the fact that you trusted me with them was a responsibility I did not take lightly. Thank you!

I feel like this post is getting ridiculously long, however, I still don’t feel like I’ve even begun to properly thank you enough for the impact you’ve had on my life. You’re something like amazing and I’m honored to have had you in my life these last 14 years.

Love you big sis

PS I can’t end this post without shouting out my big bro… Ralei B! What’s up man, it’s almost our birthday! Turn up! Turn up! Turn up! On second thought, turn down, you’re getting old man Lol


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