Day 14: My Twin Reggie

Twin- Diesel

If this sounds familiar, it is because you somehow always make it into my 30 days blogs and I’m tired of being emotional for the week so bear with me.

Reginald Kendell…. I remember being excited but afraid to move to Raleigh. I was excited for a new beginning but terrified to leave my friends. You and I talked about it and you assured me that you would still have my back. And you did! Thank You!

I knew if I didn’t hear from anyone else, my big brother was going to make sure I was behaving. Speaking of behaving do you remember the first time we went out to a club or should I say, tried to go out to a club? It was my senior year in college. The bouncer wouldn’t let you in and you were about to act a fool. Thank God Mar was with us, because there’s no way possible I could have stopped you from killing that dude. Once you calmed down that turned out to be one of the best nights ever. Me battling girls on the dance floor while you had random people yelling “Go Chelle!”, Marissa ditching us for some dude, Mar getting it in on the dance floor surrounded by girls, and you getting lap dances and girls asking me for your number. I still don’t know how we walked in and managed to turn that tacky bar into a full blown party.

I could literally write a whole novel of the adventures of Reg and Chelle. Twin 1 and Twin 2. The Crazy Virgos. Are they or aren’t they? Say it with me people PLA-TON-IC!. But I won’t. I’ll just say, thank you for always having my back. You are the first one to call me out when I’m wrong and the first one to cheer me on when I’m right. Thank you for never telling my secrets or judging me for my foolery. Thank you for never hesitating to threaten someone’s life on my behalf. It had been a while, but I thought you were going to have to show up this year. It’s funny, because I thought Savannah (hey precious) had softened you a little bit, however, I quickly realized how wrong I was after I finally shared with you with was going on! I honestly thought you were coming down 40 and he was a goner. LOL Thank You!

You know you don’t scare anybody , right?

I’m so proud of the man, husband and father that you’ve become. Kim, you’re absolutely stunning. You’re an amazing mother and one of the best hair stylist. It takes a very special woman to put up with this dude and you do it and do it well. Savion and Savannah, I’m just a phone call away when your daddy starts acting crazy. Thank you for so many years of friendship.

Twin 2 Signing Out!

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