Day 13: My Favorite Teachers


Mrs. Sheila Sawyer, Mrs. Erma Outlaw and Mrs. Linda Farmer. My 5th, 6th and 10th grade teachers. Thank you for the passion you have for you students. Thank you for realizing that not all students learn the same. Thank you for pushing me beyond my comfort level and causing me to fall in love with the art of learning. Thank you for correcting me when I was wrong and cheering for me when I was right. I think I fought in all your classes (sorry 😥) however, you continued to support, encourage and believe in my ability to be more.

5th grade- My first full school year in Goldsboro, I was still adjusting to not only a new life, but also the thought of a new sibling after 10 years. Mrs. Sawyer thank you for your patience. Thank your for your nurturing spirit. Thank you for believing in me.

6th grade- I had adjusted to my surroundings but was angry. I took it out on anybody in my way. Mrs. Outlaw, thank you for giving me a positive way to channel my anger by giving me a seemingly impossible goal. Well, let me correct that, I thought it was impossible, you believed in me the entire time. Thank You! My little cousin told me that you were still telling your classes about me 5 years later.

10th grade- My last year in Goldsboro. I again found myself having some adjustment and anger issues. I knew I was moving and no longer cared. Mrs. Farmer, my fellow Eagle, thank you for noticing the change in my behavior. Thank you for calling me out. Thank you for the pep talks and most of all thank you for believing in me.

Three different teachers, three different teaching styles, all with a passion for their profession and a genuine love for their students. William A. Ward said, “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” Thank you all for being GREAT teachers. You made me fall in love with learning when I barely loved life. I almost went to college to become a teacher, but I realized you don’t make nearly enough to deal with a classroom full of Rachelle’s LOL

Thank You
Rachelle Townsend

Sidebar: to those reading this, I always did my work (A’s B’s) I just had a talking and fighting problem 🙈

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