Day 16: My First Friend

We were inseparable growing up. If you saw one of us, you saw the other. I was the only child and you were the only girl, so we just clung to each other. It’s crazy because we could be fighting one minute and playing with dolls or the easy bake oven the next. You were my first friend and I thank you!

Thank you for so many wonderful memories. Racing bikes down the hill, full speed with no hands. Laughing at that crazy Robert and Michelle always fighting about something. Your brothers making ramps for us to jump our bikes. Playing in the creek. Your dad trying to make me eat turtle. Ummm that was just too much for me LOL. Playing curb ball. Walking to school together. Walking to the ice lady’s house. Playing Nintendo. Sleepovers that lasted the whole weekend. From 1st grade through 3rd grade you were like the sister I never had. Thank you!

It’s always your birthday messages that make me cry. Even after all these years, we still have a solidified place in each others heart. ❤️ Though life has taken us in different directions, you were and always will be my very first friend and I’m thankful and honored to still call you my friend 25 years later. 


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