Day 17: Mr. Bass

Mr. Marvin Bass

Everyone knows I’m the epitome of a “daddy’s girl” and I think the world of my daddy, however I also think the world of this man…Marvin Bass! My eagle dad. I walked Eagleland my sophomore year, said something to my roommate about needing a job and the rest is history!!! 

Thank You for your incredible generosity. You are truly God sent! You allowed me to work or as you would say “just stand” in your store my sophomore thru senior years and I’m forever grateful. Thank you for your guidance and thank you even more for your support. I remember I called you complaining about my job and instead of the cookie cutter answer I’d grown accustomed to hearing from others, you talked to me about becoming a business owner. Thank you! Thank you for your little nuggets and words of wisdom. Thank you for always asking if I’m any closer to getting married and reminding me I’m no “spring chicken”. Thank you for simply being you. You are truly a phenomenal person and I’m so blessed to have you in my life. 



Thanks for keeping me in the latest Eagle gear
PS- When are you and Mrs. Gloria going to feed me? 

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