Day 19: Shekinah Keyes

Kinah Pooh! My sister friend. My first roommate! Thank you! We were super close in high school, so much so that we decided to become roommates our freshman year at NCCU. Probably not the best idea LOL. No but seriously, although we bumped heads a lot towards the end of the year, I wouldn’t trade a second of it. You taught me some valuable lessons about being a young Christian. We both entered college as young girls wanting to impact the campus. You were more out with yours and I was more subtle, but ultimately I think we both had the same goals. The girls on our hall would always ask why we never went out. I would simply say, “it’s not my thing”, but you would always say “I’m saved.” I always admired the boldness you had when it came to your relationship with Christ. Thank You!

Even after a not so great second semester as roommates, we still somehow (God) managed to find our way back, as sisters do. I remember the day it happened. We were both in the café and you being the sweet spirited person that you are, just walked up to me, smiled and gave me a hug. We hadn’t seen or talked to each other in at least a semester, but you didn’t care. Thank you for that. Thank you for being a mature Christian at such a young age and being an exceptional display of true sisterly love. You taught me more than you will probably ever know!

Thank you for always volunteering to fast with me when my church was on a fast so that I didn’t have to fast alone…the struggle was real. LOL Thank you for your friendship over the years. Thank you for accepting me where I was and loving me even when you didn’t have too. Thank you for your prayers and most importantly thank you for being a true friend. I have never heard anything I told you repeated. Thank you for being your sisters keeper, even when you felt like I didn’t want to be kept. I remember overhearing that conversation and those words have forever stayed with me. You are the true definition of a virtuous woman and I’m honored to have you praying with and for me.

Love you! 😘

SRHS class of 2003, NCCU class of 2007

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