Day 20: The Sweet Silhouettes

Snickers and Skittles. Christina and India. Thank you so much for welcoming me into your skate family. I honestly needed you ladies more than you probably realized. I was stepping down from something I loved and you gave me the perfect way to keep busy and stay in shape. I truly looked forward to meeting you at the rink and learning new tricks every week.

Christina- We met August 3, 2007, (sad I know the date) we both were hired at Disability Determination Services. You were the quiet girl in class, that would periodically sneak away to go to McDonalds. You never said much, but your presence said enough. Once we got to know each other I knew we’d be friends for life. From pole dancing classes for my 25th birthday to all night skate parties. From going to Tamelia’s bachelorette party and being the only two not drinking to going to Miami for your wedding and having a complete ball. I’ve never hung out with you and not had fun. Thank you.

India- We met through Christina, and you immediately accepted me. Thank you. Thank you for always greeting me with that beautiful smile of yours. Thank you for loving to dance just as much, if not more, than I do and always keeping the party going. Thank you for encouraging me to step outside my comfort zone and try something new when it came to skating. Every time I hear “Pretty Girl Rock” I think about you at the rink, getting it. LOL

You showed me that Christians can do things outside of the walls of the church and have just as great an impact. Thank you for being positive women whom I could look up too. I respect and admire each of you. From the way you carry yourselves to the way you love your husbands. And now to see you both as mothers is breath taking. Thank you for being proof that our generation can do things the Biblical way. Love, marriage then the baby carriage. I love you both tremendously and I can’t wait to see how God continues to move in your lives.

Sweet ~N~Low


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