Day 21: Patrilla Williams


My coworker. My friend. My voice of reasoning. My light in the darkness of DDS 😕. My calming force. The list goes on… Let me first say I was hoping to pull your name on tomorrow, your birthday, but nevertheless…Thank You! You are truly an incredible human being and the world needs more people like you. You haven’t allowed losing people you loved at an unimaginably young age cause you to become a bitter person. Instead you allowed it to make you love harder, show more compassion and be the type of woman so many try to be. You still see the bright side of life, of people and of situations and that’s truly remarkable. Thank you!

Thank you for always providing a listening ear when I’m complaining about work, life or anything else. You smile, you listen and you give honest, open advice. You entertain my seemingly off the wall questions. You allow me to bounce ideas off of you and you make being at a job that I’m not particularly in love with tolerable. Even when you’re not feeling well or are tired you still allow your light to shine and I admire that. Thank you!

Thank you for being the epitome of an amazing wife and mother. The way you still light up when you talk about your husband, years later. The way you go above and beyond to make sure your girls are well taken care of. The way you some how make one of the hardest jobs in the world look not only east, but worth it, is so inspiring. I know it can’t be easy, but you have some of the smartest, happiest, most respectful young ladies I’ve ever encountered. Patrice, Kaira, Camryn and Alexandria are sooooo blessed to call you mommy. You’re something like amazing and I’m thankful to call you a friend.


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