Day 25: Minister Patrice Horton


I don’t even know where to start with this one. Prayer warrior. Counselor. Mentor. Teacher. Confession…as a teenager I was semi afraid to talk to you. You were always nice and friendly, but I felt like you had a connection with God that was out of this world and if I even thought about doing something wrong, you would know LOL. I later found out that you do indeed have a connection with God that is out of this world, but you are also a judgment free zone and I was safe with you flaws and all. Thank you!

Thank you for being a safe place. I remember I called you in tears and asked you to pray. You prayed with me on the phone, and then asked if it was okay for you to take my prayer request to your intercessory group. You explained who was in the group and asked if it was okay to share with them. I can’t tell you how much that meant. Many times people use your prayer request as a reason to share your business, but not you. Thank You!!!

You are beyond magnificent and a blessing to everyone. Thank you for your love, support and mentorship over the years. Thank you for not being so quick to dismiss things and always encouraging me to pray about or research things for myself. Thank you for showing me that it’s okay to go against the grain and trust God for myself. Thank you for always knowing when something wasn’t right with me and just what to say. Thank you for having such a giving spirit and a desire to bless those around you. Thank you for showing me it’s never too late to go for something that’s in your heart. Thank you for being the type of Christian that I aim to be.

Thank You!

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