Day 26: Zealous Readers Book Club

*Yelling* ZRBC! Patrilla, Erica, Trina, Yolanda, Jennifer, Felicia and Decembra. Thank you all for being a part of my life. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to the last Friday of the month. I know I’m going to be in for some good wine, great girl chat and laughs for days. It’s amazing how 8 completely different women, at totally different stages of life were able to bond over our love for reading. Thank You!

Patrilla– The sweetest person I know. I already wrote about you on day 21, so I’m just going to say Thank you! 😁

Erica– Life of the Party! Thank you showing me that you can be about your business but still have a great time. I truly admire your determination. You refuse to settle in any area of your life. You know what you want and you don’t mind waiting for it. Thank you for showing me that my happiness is worth more than the opinion of someone else. Thank you for being on this LONG journey with me. It helps to know someone else feels my pain. LOL Thank you!

Trina– Superwoman. Thank you for taking away my excuses. I kept saying I didn’t have time to go to grad school, then you turn around and have twins, work a full time job and still obtained your Master’s degree. You are one of the funniest and most outgoing people I know. Thank you.

Yolanda– Heart of Gold. Thank you for beating me in the most likely to cry award. LOL No but seriously, you are one of the most compassionate people I know. You fight for what you believe in and you go hard for the people in your life. You want to succeed but you also want to see those around you succeed. Far too often we run into people who want to see you do well, just not better than them. That’s not the case with you. Thank you!

Jennifer– Quiet wisdom. Thank you for your wisdom. You don’t talk much, but when you do it’s always something that makes me think. Thank you for teaching me that if you truly want to be a part of something, you will make the sacrifice, not an excuse. Oh yeah, thank you for being my laughing partner LOL

Felicia– Go getter! You are the epitome of a hustler. Every time I turn around you’ve earned some new certification or completed some new course and earned another promotion. Wow! You are one of the most determined women I know and you truly inspire me to go for more. Thank you!

Decembra– DeeDee (said like the crazy woman in Madea Goes to Jail) the social butterfly! My fellow music junkie. Thank you for always smiling. I don’t care what was going on in your life, you still somehow smiled. I remember telling you, “girl I would be somewhere crying right now” and you simply smiled and said “I did” Like seriously?!?! Thank You for showing me life can and will go on.

Thank you all! I love how there is no judgment or jealousy between us. We cheer for, push and encourage each other. I feel as though I’ve grown so much since being around you women. Thanks for letting me stay even though I didn’t meet the age requirement 😜LOL Thank you for the laughs and girl time monthly. You women are phenomenal.



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