Day 28: My Great Grandma

Rosa Blanton!!! The strongest woman I know. Again, I know I said no family, but I just can’t allow these 30days to go by without acknowledging the matriarch of our family. At 100 years old, you are everything I hope to be. Last year on your 100th birthday, I sat and listened as person after person came up and told you just how amazing you are. I fought back tears, because I can only imagine the things that you’ve seen and the pain you’ve encountered, but you’re quick to tell everyone how good God has been to you. Thank you grandma. Thank you for teaching me how to be thankful in all things and most importantly how to have faith. With your life as a model, I have no excuse for failing. Thanks most of all for raising my dad. He is the absolute best and I know it’s all because of you and grandma Lucille of course. However, he gives you all the credit, so I have to do the same. Thanks for being my snacking buddy and sneaking me sweets. I think your sweet tooth may be bigger than mine. 😁LOL I won’t make this one too long because for some reason talking about you makes me super emotional. So I’ll just say this, your presence truly amazes me. I’m honored to be your “little Danielle”. By the way, I only recently found out you weren’t calling me little because of my size, you were calling me little because it’s a term of endearment reserved only for your favorites. 😜I’ll end this post the way we end every conversation…You say “great grandma loves you, you hear” and I reply back “love you too grandma”. See you soon, it’s almost your birthday!!!!

Love you
Little Danielle❤️


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