Day 29: You

Thank you! Yes, you (insert your name here) 😜. Thank you any role, big or bigger that you played in my life. I wrote down over 30 names, of course I couldn’t pick them all, so even if you didn’t get your “own” day just know are truly thanked. I try to make it a point to say thank you to anyone who does something, so I’m sure I’ve previously “thanked you”, however I don’t want anyone to feel left out so here goes….If you smiled at me when I was having a bad day…Thank you. If you prayed for me…Thank You. If you encouraged me in any way, shape form or fashion…Thank You. If you’ve spoken a word over my life…Thank You. If I walked in your place of employment and you provided great customer service…Thank you. If you came to a dance recital…Thank You. If you purchased a meal for me or fed my sweet tooth in any way…Thank you. If you’ve prayed for my family…Thank you. If I cheated off your paper in high school or college (it’s better to cheat than repeat, school of business motto 😉)…Thank You. If you’ve checked on me when I was sick…Thank You. If you challenged me and pushed me out my comfort zone…Thank You. If you supported my Mary Kay business…Thank You! (Btw: 20% off today in honor of the last day of my 20’s 😳) If I visited your church and you spoke a timely word…Thank You. If you recommend me for anything…Thank You. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I truly appreciate you!

I would even like to thank the people who threw me away and told me I couldn’t, it was your face that I saw crossing the finish line. Thank You. Thank you for doubting me, you’re the reason I persevered. Thank you for telling me I couldn’t, it made my accomplishments that much sweeter. Thank you for the opposition, you’re the reason I grew stronger. Thank you for closing that door, you allowed me more time to prepare for greatness. Thank you! I’m better equipped because I had to overcome you.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!



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