gut feeling

My Little Secret

Time to let the cat out of the bag!


I still can’t believe the words I’m about to type! Okay, here goes… I’m officially a published author! Ahhhh can you believe it?!?!? I actually did it, I wrote my very first book called ‘Gut Feeling’.

A few years ago, I embarked on a journey, a forbidden retreat of sorts. It was a journey that I knew I shouldn’t have been on, but wanted so desperately to be on. For once in my life, I just wanted to have an “OMG” story to tell. The pressure to be perfect had become overwhelmingly impossible to live up to and I was ready to break free. I went against my gut and everything I knew was right in an attempt to find my voice. However, instead of finding my voice, I lost the voice I previously had along with myself; and ended up engrossed in a world I knew nothing about.

Whether you call it the Holy Spirit, the feeling in the pit of your stomach or your instinct; ‘Gut Feeling’ tells the story of how I learned to trust that voice. It tells the story of how I got in, why I stayed and how I got out. I decided to write it from a fictional point of view however, I’m excited to have this opportunity to open up and share MY story with you! I’ve been told it’s a page turner and I personally think it’s my best work yet.

More details will be released soon; however, I couldn’t wait any longer to share this exciting news with you. Stay tuned for the official release date, presale information and of course the book release party 🙂

Rachelle Danielle

~Poised, Powerful; & far from Perfect~

PS- Thanks to those that joined my mailing list. I will continue to announce things first there!

10 thoughts on “My Little Secret

  1. Congregation Ms.Lady; very good secret and where can I get the book? LOL and sign . Cherrylynn (aka) Lucille.

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