gut feeling

The Impossible Dream

Ever had a dream that seemed impossible? A dream that seemed so far out of reach that instead of working towards it, you simply admired it from a distance?  A dream that scared you into silence because even speaking about it shook you to your core? A dream that you deemed so unattainable that you strategically hid it on your vision board behind the things you knew you could accomplish? 

Now imagine actually holding that seemingly impossible dream. Imagine that for the first time, you’re seeing it when you’re wide awake, instead of only seeing it when you’re sleeping. Imagine that it’s no longer hidden on your vision board, it’s now uncovered and in your hands. I’m literally crying as I type this because now I know it’s real. I’ve been working on this book for a while. I’ve had my hands in everything from the cover design to the placement of the numbers on the pages. However, it didn’t hit me until today that this was really happening. It didn’t dawn on me until I opened the box and held the book in my hands for the very first time that my dream had materialized. I’d dreamed about this day for years and I’d done months of work, but until today it didn’t seem attainable. Today my dream became tangible. Today my doubts were erased. Today I gave myself permission to start living my dream.

I keep looking down at the book in my lap. This is extremely surreal. I feel like I’m starting to ramble so I’m going to go read the first physical copy of ‘Gut Feeling’, for first time. Ahhhhh I’ll probably sleep with this book tonight LOL


Before I go I just wanted to share a few important dates with you:

August 1, 2016– Presale starts

September 10, 2016 8:00pm-9:30pm Book Release Party and book signing
*Limited space available; invites will be sent first to those that preorder*

September 13, 2016 Official release date (and my birthday)

Forever Grateful,

Rachelle Danielle

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