gut feeling

September 13, 2016

Today is a super special day. I’m excitedly nervous for you to finally get to read ‘Gut Feeling’ . This was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. However, I felt an overwhelming need, borderline responsibility, to share this story. Far too often the woman on the side gets labeled a “home wrecker” or called a “whore”, when although there are definitely some of those out there, many just found themselves involved with someone that should have been off limits. They didn’t pursue him, neither did they run away from him. They entertained his already wandering eye and found themselves in too deep. They are undeniably wrong; however, they are not malicious. I wrote ‘Gut Feeling’ not to glorify being a side chick, but to humanize it. I wrote it for all the naïve women that fell for the excitement. For all the women that thought they knew the game only to find themselves mixed up in it. For all the women who genuinely didn’t mean any harm, but acknowledge and apologize for the harm that their actions could have caused.

I’ve been asked almost daily since I started sharing the books synopsis if ‘Gut Feeling’ is based on a true story; and if so, why I didn’t reveal his name. I feel like ‘Gut Feeling’ could be anybody’s story. I didn’t want people to be so caught up on a name that they ignored the message. It was more important for me to tell a story of lessons learned and growth than it was for me to write a “tell-all” expose’. If it is true, it is not my place to expose him or bring unwanted attention to his wife. It’s bad enough I had a relationship with her husband; to rub it in her face seems worse than the act itself. Obviously, that’s if it’s a true story. I honestly almost shelved this project after I found myself in a publishers office repeatedly being asked his name. Initially I thought it was for legal purposes, but I quickly found out they assumed he was a celebrity and wanted to capitalize on the name. It wasn’t worth it to me. I’d already given this man power over my life for too long, I wasn’t going to allow him to have power over my book also. I’m not a victim and he’s not a villain. I wasn’t going to allow “the machine” to paint either of us as such. I mean, that’s if it’s indeed a true story.  

All jokes aside, I pray you close ‘Gut Feeling’ with the confidence to trust your gut. Don’t allow guilt or shame to keep you bound to a life you never imagined. Don’t assume everyone has the same intentions as you. It may seem innocent at first, and your intentions may be pure, but once you open yourself up things can quickly take a turn for the worse. I want you to close the book knowing that you’re worth so much more. I want you to understand no matter how many times you’ve fallen, as long as you’re still breathing, you can always get up. It’s never too late to change, grow or demand more of yourself. Don’t allow your guilty conscience to allow you to tolerate disrespect. I pray you walk away with the conviction to put some respect on your own name. Know that no matter how badly you’ve messed up, there’s someone else who has messed up just as badly. I had a married woman tell me “you are not a pioneer, believe me, other women have been in your shoes.” Your gut feeling is either God’s reassurance that you’re going down the right path or a forewarning that you’re about to go down the wrong one. I pray you close ‘Gut Feeling’ with faith to trust your GUT!

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Rachelle Danielle

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