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I’ve been super emotional; even more so than usual. I find myself getting teary eyed every time someone places a book order. I know that may sound crazy to most, but you have to understand, this has been on my vision board for YEARS! I kept running away from it out of fear of failing. I kept trying to satisfy my desire to impact and uplift women in other ways. First, it was my journal; when that no longer did it I started sending uplifting text messages to my friends. That kept me content for a while until I realized I had too much to say to simply send a text; along came the email blasts. The emails progressed to an online blog. I thought I would be content with that, I thought that would be the extent of my writing and reaching. The blog satisfied me for a year, but after the first time that my blog reached 1000 views I knew I had to do more. I knew if an online blog could reach 1000 views my story could reach so many more. I still ignored my original dream and looked for other ways to impact the lives of women. Hello, Mary Kay! I listened to the recruiters pitch and as soon as she said “Making a difference in the lives of women” I was on board. However, I found myself enjoying talking to the women about their stories and lives, more than I enjoyed giving them a facial and talking about the products. I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied until I did what I knew I was supposed to do. I sat down to write; then came the fear…

I had faith in my text messages, emails and blogs because they were all free. I wasn’t asking anyone to pay a dime. However, my book came with a cost. Would people like me enough to pay their money? Had I built a strong enough base to help propel this project to what I dreamed it would be? Would people read the synopsis and decide they didn’t want to support?

I wrote on my vision board that I wanted to be on the NY Times and Essence best sellers list. These last few weeks have confirmed that my dream is attainable. These last few weeks have shown me that people truly support me. When I started planning for the release of ‘Gut Feeling’ I didn’t want to set my expectations to high. I didn’t want to be disappointed, because again, it’s one thing for people to say they are going to support, it’s another thing for them to actually do it. So I picked a venue that worst case scenario I could use for a small birthday celebration if no one ordered a book and RSVP’d. I now realize that I picked a venue based on what thought I could do, not on what I thought God could do. “Never measure God’s unlimited power by your limited expectations!” Although I feel as though I made myself clear in all emails, blogs and Facebook posts that you had to pre-order in order to get an invite and there was limited space, a part of me regrets that not everyone that ordered can come. A part of me regrets that I didn’t get a venue to match the size of my dream. This whole process has been a learning experience. Nevertheless; I’m excited to get to share this amazing journey with you. I’m excited that so many people not only wanted to be among the first to order ‘Gut Feeling’ but that they are giving up some of their Saturday to spend with me. I look forward to seeing and talking to you all. To the ones who ordered but were unable to RSVP (for multiple reasons) please know that your signed book will arrive on (hopefully before) 9/10/16 as I will start mailing some of the books this week. Thanks again for all of your love support and I pray it continues!

To those that haven’t ordered click here to order today!!!

Rachelle Danielle

PS: If you would like to host a book signing or book me for a for me at your business, church, event, etc. please feel free to email me at

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