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I guess today is a good day to formally address my relationship status. I honestly didn’t think it mattered that much, but from the looks of these messages…it does. So here goes, I am 100% completely and happily single and have been for a while. It’s funny because people often assume I’m in a relationship. Not because they’ve seen me with someone, but because apparently I look too happy to be a single woman. *insert confused face* I’ve had multiple people tell me that I look happy and I’m glowing and it must be a great man in my life. Yes, my dad and my brothers LOL. No, but seriously…After feeling less than for so long, because I was the only one of my childhood friends that was still single; I made a cautious effort to be happy on purpose. It took me years to realize that I was a complete woman, with or without a man, so if I’m complete, why do I have to walk around like I’m missing something?

I’m not one of those women that walks around with the “I don’t need a man attitude.” I am however, one of those women that are not desperate. I’m a satisfied single, so I won’t settle for a sorry man. Am I expecting perfection? Heck no! However, I do have expectations and respect is a bare minimum. I know that seems like a given; but in this day and age guys want kudos for just being respectful. I literally had a guy tell me, after the 3rd date, that I didn’t appreciate what he did for me. Confused, I asked him what had he done for me? His response was and I quote “I respect you, I open your door, I pull out your chair…” My response “And I say ‘Thank You’, what more do you expect.” I’m sorry, but being a respectful gentleman is NOT doing something for me. It’s called being a MAN. My 8 year old godson opens my door and pulls out my chair. Needless to say, that was the end of that!

A few weeks ago I decided to give a man crush Monday shout out to a college friend that I knew was going through a lot. You would have thought that I said “this is my man and we’re a couple.” I mean both the comments and my messages went crazy. I tried to play along with it; but it went from funny to annoying real quick. I get people want to see me in a relationship, but for my friends and family approving and rooting for a guy they knew nothing about was scary. Like, what happened to wanting the best for me? What happened to vetting the guys? Yes, I usually make pretty good decisions when it comes to my dating life, but sheesh, don’t just give him a pass because you trust my judgment. ‘Gut Feeling’ is proof of my occasional lapses in judgement LOL. That situation taught me that I can’t post pictures or bring anyone around until we’re practically engaged because y’all were too welcoming and accepting of a freaking STRANGER.

So there you have it my friends…I’m happy, life is great and I’m completely single. So when you see me smiling now, just know that it has nothing to do with a man. And when you see me smiling when the man comes, just know that he’s not the only reason I’m smiling. Beyonce said it best “smiling for a whole ‘nother’ reason. It’s all smiles through all four seasons!” Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


Rachelle Danielle


All of this good, I don’t feel bad for it!👸🏾

When you see me smile you can’t be mad at it! 😀

Money don’t make me happy 🤑

A fella can’t make me fancy 💁🏾

We smiling for a whole ‘nother’ reason😜

It’s all smiles through all 4 seasons 🍂❄️🌤☀️

– Beyonce👑 🐝

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