Still My Mommy

Still My Mommy


Today is a super special day… Not only is it the official release day for “Still My Mommy” but it’s also my mommy’s birthday!!!

Thank you to everyone that preordered. A special thank you to everyone that was able to make it to the book release party. I pray you enjoyed yourself as much as I enjoyed having you there. As I shared on social media, I was super nervous to release this project. Gut Feeling did extremely well and Still My Mommy is nothing like it, so I wasn’t sure how people would receive it or if they would compare. The response has been overwhelming and I’m so glad I didn’t allow the fear and ‘what if’s’ stop me. Too often, we limit ourselves by putting up imaginary barriers. Sometimes you just have to go for it. I was scared out of my mind…but I did it!

I don’t want to take up too much time with this email, as hopefully, you have something else (*cough ‘Still My Mommy‘ *cough) to read. LOL

Thanks again for all of the support.

Get your copy of Still My Mommytoday!

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Also, I would greatly appreciate if you would leave your reviews on Amazon.

Rachelle Danielle
Poised, Powerful & far from Perfect!


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