Year 33, My Jesus Year



Chapter 32 was an interesting chapter, to say the least. So, you guys know I closed on my first home, left a job I absolutely hated for a career I truly love, became an auntie (Hey Kayleigh Bear), released my 2nd book (StillMyMommy) and saw my all time favorite, Janet Jackson! You saw me confidently conquering my goals and achieving my dreams. You saw me smiling and posting encouraging messages. You saw me #winning. What you didn’t see was the chaos I dealt with between each win. The doors that were closed in my face as soon as I’d finally reached the top of the stairs. The people that conspired against my name and my reputation because I wasn’t who they thought I was and wouldn’t participate in their shenanigans. (Jay Z SayHello) The people who were connected to the right people that used their influence to tarnish my name. Not because I’d done anything wrong, but simply because my confidence exacerbated their insecurities. (Beyonce ICantTakeNoMore)

You didn’t see it. Why? Because I chose to focus on what God was doing, not what the enemy was trying to destroy. (Monica StillStanding) I chose to focus on the circle that kept me covered and lifted, not the squares that tried to box me in. (The Carters Friends) I chose to continue to show my face, despite the whispers and the false allegations. I chose to worship God like everything was okay because I knew everything would be okay. (Phil Thompson RedBlanket and MyWorship, actually, just insert the whole album) I chose to allow my purpose to overshadow the pandemonium. I chose to be powerful when I could have been petty. (Insert any Michelle Obama or Oprah Winfrey speech) I chose to continue to trust God’s process. I chose to bypass getting revenge and forgo handing out receipts.  For the first time in my adult life, I allowed God to handle it. I didn’t stoop down; I smiled and continued to hold my head high. I didn’t post petty memes; I persistently pursued my passion and promenaded in my purpose. (Lil Duval Smile)

I’ve often heard year 33 referred to as your “Jesus Year.” Now, that actually makes complete sense to me, because it took me 33 years to hear the question “What would Jesus do?” and not only be able to give the answer but actually follow His example. Hello chapter 33, we have some rewards to reap. (Anthony Brown/Group Therapy IGotThat)


Rachelle Danielle

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