Dead Noses Can’t Smell Roses

This year has been crazy, especially as it relates to death. It’s amazing how when people are living we don’t have two words for them, but as soon as they’re dead and gone we want to cry and profess our love for them. Shouldn’t we let them know just how much they mean, and how much we love them before they’re gone? I’m sorry and this may sound cold, but what good is it to look up at the sky and say what you should have said to their face? My grandmother used to always say “Give me my flowers while I’m living, because dead noses can’t smell roses.” She passed away when I was 13 and at the time I didn’t fully understand what she meant, but the older I got, the more I understood just what she was saying. Don’t wait until your loved ones can’t respond to tell them just how you feel. Don’t walk around angry and bitter for no reason, especially over something trivial. As this year has shown us, life is entirely too short. We see on the news every single day how babies and children are loosing their lives. People that we consider “young” are dying from things that we thought only “old” people could die from. People say this all the time but I think we, especially us younger people, take life for granted. Live each day on purpose because tomorrow isn’t promised!

I know this was pretty random but I’m just tired of people starting to care about someone once it’s too late. Tell people how you feel now; forget being “hard” because there’s nothing “hard” about burying someone you care about wishing you would have told them how you felt.


~ Rachelle Danielle

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