A Letter to my Sisters

Dear African American Queens;

I challenge you to try something different this decade. Let’s step up and be the leaders we were born to be. I’m so sick of having to defend myself for not being who or what you think I should be. I know this term is way overused but why hate? Seriously, if another African American Woman has something that you don’t; or has achieved something that you’ve yet to achieve…Why Hate? She’s just living proof that it can be accomplished. You don’t know the hell she went through to get there…you’re just seeing the finished product. So before you start to run her down, or say what you think she thinks about herself…talk to her. Find out what she did and how she did it. She may be the very one that saves you time, energy and money. It’s 2010 we’ve got to do better. No more excuses. No more saying what we can’t do, because there’s absolutely nothing that we as African American Women can’t do. Our ancestors didn’t have a forth of what we have and they made it happen. So what’s our excuse? I don’t care if you came from a broken home. I don’t care what your mother did or didn’t do for you. No more excuses, yes the past hurts, but it’s the past. Learn from it and leave it there. Don’t allow it to cause you to be bitter towards people or more importantly towards life. We all have a mission. We owe it to the young women coming up behind us to make their journey just a little bit easier. Let’s be the example. Let’s show them that it’s okay to aim high. It’s ok to support each other. No more of the crab in barrel mentality. I for one love when I see an African American Woman making things happen. It inspires me. It shows me that if I too work hard, my dreams will become reality as well. I’m not saying you have to hang out or talk to every African American Woman that walks past you, but at the same time, don’t turn your nose up at her or talk down to her either. We’re so quick to talk about how “screwed up” the world is and how “they’re taking our men”, but we have to share some of the blame. I guarantee you that if we come together and make things happen for ourselves, the world will most definitely take note. So shout out to the African American Women doing big things. I love ya’ll. Thank you for making it look so easy!


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