Rachelle Service Announcement


I have a love hate relationship with spring and autumn. I love the weather and the beautiful colors. I love wearing my booties in the fall and pealing off the layers in the spring. 😜 I love being able to walk Sasha in the evening without freezing or sweating. However, I HATE that each of these seasons mark the beginning of HELL; better known as allergy season. I hate the itchy eyes and the scratchy throat. I hate feeling like a zombie due to the combination of meds; which by the way don’t always work. I hate my car being covered in pollen. Oh and let’s not forget what I HATE the most. I hate to hear random people say “smile, it’s not that bad” or “you shouldn’t walk around with an attitude”. So next time you see me with this face (see below), just know.. I don’t have an attitude, I have allergies.



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