Happy Birthday Nikki


On this day 17 years ago, I became a big sister for the first time. Though I was initially hesitant to take on such a big role, I quickly learned to embrace it, as well as you. I’m so proud of the young lady you’re becoming. If I’m 100% honest, I often worried about you as well as some of the choices you made. There were times that you would do things that were so far left, it would cause me to question the example that I’d set. It almost made me feel guilty, like maybe I hadn’t set a strong enough example. I know I do a lot in the community, but I often wondered if I did enough at home. You were 6 when I went off to college; so at times, I regretted leaving you to figure out things on your own. I mean I know you weren’t on your “own” per se, but you know what I mean. Over the last 2 years, I’ve made it a point to come around more. Spend more nights at moms, and try to just hang out with you more. It was during those moments that I realized I hadn’t failed you at all. You are exactly who you are supposed to be. So with that being said; continue to do you! I know people have a tendency to want to compare us; that’s only natural. However, don’t let their comparisons cause you to change the person that you are. Continue to be the best YOU!!! I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again…Just because I did it, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to. And just because I didn’t do it, doesn’t’ mean you can’t. Don’t allow anyone to try to pressure you to do or accomplish something just because I did. You have to live your own life and go after you own dreams. Sure, I would love for you to follow in my footsteps, but what I would love even more is for you to make your own!


Happy Birthday!!!!! I would say “Turn Up” but you and I both know you stay that way, so enjoy it baby sis. It’s your last birthday at the house, next year this time you’ll be FREE…I mean in college *cough NCCU* LOL. Love you, see you tonight


PS- Sasha said happy birthday too, and she’s going to lick you good when she sees you!



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